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Absolute Beginners Run Club

Absolute Beginners Run Club began back in 2014 because I realised the idea of completeing 5km was on the bucket list of so many women but something they never believed they could achieve and were stopped from starting by thoughts of self doubt, fear,
anxiety and commonly the worry of "holding everyone else up" and that horrible last to be picked at school for sports feeling. Or sometimes simply not knowing where or how to start.
I wanted an environment that was completely non-competitive where the group was always together and no one would ever feel not good enough and so Beginners Run Club was born. The first group had only a few members and I didn't know if they'd enjoy it at all - but they did and I've been so lucky to have started up many over the last five years each with the same positive outcome and nothing is better than getting out into the fresh air with an amazing group of women and hearing them chat away. YES you heard right - chat- because the number one focus over the whole twelve weeks is staying slow, slow enough to have a conversation.

Like the sound of it? Read on for more info...

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I am also holding an Information Evening in the Annebrook Hotel, Mullingar on Thursday 23rd January at 7pm where I will be talking about all things Joy Project & Joy in Fitness so it's the perfect opportunity to meet me and find out more.

 Frequently Asked Questions

When?  Tuesday February 11th 7pm

Where? Mullingar Shamrocks

How much does it cost?

€90 per person -€20 deposit to secure place https://paypal.me/hannahlillyfitness/20
Remaining balance of €70 to be paid on the first night debit/credit card & cash accepted.


All places paid in full by 8th january  €75** 
Sign up here

If you would like to receive or give this as a gift make a note of this and the address at checkout so I can post you a voucher.

What if I’m not fit enough? 
That is the point of this group- to take that worry away- this is a group for non-runners starting off. Being unfit is a perfect way to start. The key is that I keep the pace slow and steady for the entire 12 weeks and the group stays together. No one will ever be left at the back or feeling like they can’t keep up.

What length are the sessions?
All sessions start with a 5 min warm up walk and end with stretches.  For the first half of programme sessions are a mix of walking & jogging. The first session is more walking than anything else. No sessions last longer than an hour over the 12 weeks.

What do I need to wear or bring? 
Just clothes that are comfy to jog in and runners, after a few weeks you may decide to be fitted for runners. Penney’s have great comfy leggings, so you don't need to break the bank! You won’t need water but do bring a drink if you’d like. Oh, and a supportive bra!

What happens if I miss a week or two? 
Everyone receives their own copy of the plan, so you can follow the sessions- amazingly some people have even run on their holidays much to their own surprise!!It requires a commitment of 3 sessions a week - one you do with me and the group the other two at a time that suits you alone or with friends/other members. These short sessions are your “me" time and you'll soon start looking forward to them!

Can we contact you in between sessions? 
Yes, there is a private RUNCLUB FaceBook group that you can join. It’s a great place to ask questions because everyone benefits from the answer- if your query is private PM me and I will get back to you within 24 hours Monday to Friday. If you need me, please, please get in touch because I can only help if I know you need it.

Where can I complete my own sessions? 
Anywhere you would like. The track at Shamrocks is ideal, flat always open and you can use it any time.

How do I keep track of the walk/jog sections of my own sessions? 
You will receive a breakdown of sessions that can be timed with a stopwatch, but there are also phone apps -Gym boss & Seconds Pro -that you can enter in timings beforehand and lots of people have found these useful.

I’m still so nervous about starting, anything I can do about that? 
Yes, please try not to worry. I've suffered from anxiety on and off throughout my life and know how powerful it can be but if you can trust me, I promise you will be glad you did. Everyone is nervous and has the voice of fear saying, “you won’t be good enough”/ “you will be too slow/too unfit/ too overweight or too old. Over the next 12 weeks that voice is going to get a lot quieter! This is about focusing on all the positives, taking the first step to sign up is HUGE- Well done. You can congratulate yourself now before even starting.

Looking forward to meeting you and getting started.

Hannah Lilly x

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"The easy pace is great and I met so many lovely people. I highly recommend Hannah Lilly Run Club." - Collette

"I joined Run Club approaching my 40th birthday having come through a difficult period in my life and my fitness levels were non existent- I was never sporty. I can honestly say it was the best thing I've ever done. It boosted my confidence and I now do things for myself" - Sinead

"I delayed starting Run Club for years because I was so nervous. I was sure I'd be the worst and wanted to cancel. But I showed up and instantly  felt at ease. Hannah Lilly really is telling the truth when she says she'll look after you." - Lorraine

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