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My Goodbye Social Media Experiment


Well so much for once a week posting - I could blame the festive period, which wouldn't be true or fair. The truth is that I've never liked feeling forced to write and rather wait until the urge hits which is probably the worst way to operate a blog if your goal is to monetise it or gain a huge following but it's not mine so for the moment I'll continue as I am.

Which brings me to the point of this post and the fact that I've decided to take a little bit of time off of social media (funny feeling it might turn out that I write more because of this). Now don't get me wrong I am not a hater of technology, I find on the most part it can be really positive and Facebook and Instagram - said goodbye to twitter a long time ago- have been my public blogs for a long time. But lately I'd found myself scrolling more and more, picking up the phone at every free opportunity and my head was getting fuller and fuller mostly with information that in no way related t…