Thursday, 12 October 2017

Plugging Back In (Results of my Social Media Detox)

Thursday 12th October
It's a week since I've logged into my facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts, plan was to stay off for two weeks but I've decided to log back on today.
Well, surprisingly not because I was unable to cope such was my addiction(which I expected to be the case), but instead because I felt a little lonely without it.
There were definitely positives -paying more attention to my kids, hearing what they are saying without the distraction of scrolling/blogging/posting from my phone was probably the biggest.
Also it's no secret that I haven't been feeling great lately (GP says anxiety caused from chronic exhaustion) and I had noticed that sometimes I'd feel my failings were magnified by the apparent success of others to look and feel good on Instagram! But what I didn't expect was missing the feeling of connection. Something I didn't even realise I get from my social media.
Could be viewed by some as a negative result, that the main connection to others for some of us is through technology rather than face to face contact, I think that's what I would have thought before switching off for a week. But life is busy, I don't go out to work, and for me sometimes rather lonely. Free time isn't as frequent as it used to be and if I'm honest sometimes I'm too tired to get myself out for a rushed coffee and those moments when I can sit down and see what's going on with my friends, post my Joy Project bits & pieces...they make me feel less alone.

Moving forward what I'll take from this is to be more selective about when I'm on my phone. Not when my kids need my attention, not required to be checked on ad breaks or during a movie, not first thing when I wake up and to keep reminding myself that comparing ourselves to others is a pointless and depressing habit. One much more worthwhile
Now...get me logged in.

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