Monday, 25 September 2017

Crazy Rollercoaster of Life

Monday 25th September

I've experienced so many emotions since Charlie was born 5 months ago.
The only constant has been intense love.

Along with it has been sadness, happiness, frustration, excitement, doubt, joy, despair, hope, anxiety, calm, self loathing & exhaustion. Is exhaustion an emotion? Probably not but I can say for sure it has been the cause of some of my lowest the end bringing me to the horrible pit that is rock bottom but as I know from before (a previous journey there led me to my life changing mindset experiment) things can only get better because you know that they HAVE to.
Anyway there is loads I want to write/speak (keep getting told to get vlogging) about but having got a full nights sleep last night - Charlie went 13 hours!!!!- I am eager to get another one so for now I've just skimmed over.

* Fill up Your Cup First- You cannot look after others if you don't look after yourself. This goes for EVERYONE but right now especially to all the new Mum's...

*Be kind to everyone.

*Looks are deceiving so again kind to everyone. I've often been told I look great on the days I feel the worse.

*Accept help- eeeek this might mean asking for it(I hate asking but have found it a surprisingly pleasant e experience when I do!)

*Each and everyone of us has mental health that needs to be looked after and everyone has shit days. Some shitter than others but for all the talk about mental health we are never going to end the stigma if we all only show the shiny, perfect versions of our lives whether on social media or in person.

*Shit passes. It really does, sometimes it requires simply hanging on in there...but do hang in there. Find someone who will listen (or read your texts -when I'm down I often don't want to talk) without judgement - I'm very lucky to have Christian who after 22 years knows how to ground me & my sister in law gets the brunt of my craaazy texts for which I'm very grateful.

*We all have basic needs that we require to feel good. Food, shelter, sleep, health, love.
When one or more of these are missing our mental health suffers. Look after yourself & others. Meet those basic needs.

* Check out the Joy triggers on my facebook page I'm the first to admit sometimes you just won't want to follow them, but when you do they are life changing.

*Move. Get outside of your house & your head. Fresh air is a joy trigger that never fails to benefit me.

*If you ever doubt whether you deserve to be do...hang on in there.

*Again shit passes. Oh yes I said that already but it does and when it does the beautiful, spine tingling joy pours in.

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