Tuesday, 22 August 2017

What a Week

Monday 21st August 2017

What a week!! Firstly no one was hurt. Beyond grateful. Would love to say that gratitude was enough to stop me getting stressed...not quite...definitely helped though with events that began last Monday with Christian & car upside down in the middle of the road and ended this morning with me embarrassed & in tears on the phone to the legal secretary when she told me the fridge and washing machine weren't included in the house sale- hardly the end of the world but having just received a call from insurance company saying claim was denied I was a little fragile to say the least!!

 In between the two Mondays was a rollercoaster of extreme gratitude that we weren't planning Christian's funeral,  a virus, sleepless baby feeding nights, stress & tears about having no car followed by guilt knowing it could have been worse, stress & tears at delay getting house keys, panic at volume of possessions to pack, moments of sheer calm when I totally trusted the universe to be giving us these experiences for a reason and that all would be well, anxiety at all the "what if" car crash thoughts bouncing around my mind, grateful again and so on!!

And you know what? I DO trust the Universe and believe that everything is happening for a reason, that if we look  there is always a lesson in the moments where everything is going wrong and if you look back on the seemingly negative times in life they always brought you somewhere better if you learnt from them and sometimes even if you didn't.
Maybe I didn't react immediately to the stressy situations in a joyful & calm manner but right now I'm ready and have learnt some valuable lessons (pay attention to the small print)and am filled with gratitude for the reminder of how quickly life can change in an instant, of how much I love Christian & the kids, of the kindness of people I know and the kindness of people I don't know. While we might be down a car a fridge and a washing machine right now they can be replaced. The really special stuff that my life is jam packed with can't be so it's onwards and upwards feeling good. 

Who knows what is around the next corner...kind of exciting isn't it?

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