Monday, 15 May 2017

Time to Surrender & Trust

Written on January 10th 2017 on my facebook page 

Taking a break from social media for a while, this post explains why....

I'm taking a leap of faith & handing over all my worries, stresses to the Universe and leaving thoughts of what I "should" be doing behind & for the first time in my life accepting I can't control everything. Part of this involves saying goodbye to social media for a while.
Control is an illusion but I've always been someone who clings onto that illusion to hold everything together & try and solve every single problem that comes my way-if possible without ever asking for help.
It was a symptom of my eating disorder & something I'd like to say I'd let go of along with that's been a tricky habit to lose.
The other night as I found myself on the verge of a panic attack worrying about the future, freaking out about the mountain of bills we were struggling to pay, trying to push through the exhaustion & various ailments this pregnancy has come with to keep up with all commitments I'd made & take up all the opportunities that come my way to reach more people, to write, to talk...the list goes on.
Then it hit me all this stress & worry was coming from me trying to control everything and that this was an opportunity to try & let that go.
I believe in the Law of Attraction (most of the time!) But what better test than to hand it all over, to ask for help at the time I least want to, at the time when my brain is screaming "everything will go wrong!"
So in some ways it's another experiment, seeing if letting go & trusting "everything will be ok" really works.
My instinct(which lives in my 💖 not my brain) says it will & that brings me to why I'm saying goodbye to social media...lately I find it harder to listen to my intuition when I'm scrolling & it seems to feed the voice of insecurity & doubt inside me. So here's the plan from now I'm ceasing everything-all blogs, talks, joy project - except my runclubs until my maternity begins & then I'm going to have a baby!! Not sure when I'll be back but I am sure it's the right albeit scary thing to do.
Thank you so much to everyone who has been on this journey with me, for your support, messages & love.
Here's to JOY hunting. 💖
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