Friday, 19 August 2016

Overcome With Gratitude

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Friday 19th August

This is a short post simply to say thank's day five of The Joy Project and I have found myself feeling overcome with gratitude, for everything. For the life I've lived that has brought me here, for the struggles, for the celebrations, for the people in my life and for the fact that I know now more than ever, that the Universe wants to support us. That everything we can imagine and more already exists and is waiting for us, to let go of control, to trust that we are supported, to walk through the fear, see that we are good enough -that we deserve it- and to let all the joy in.

I have had days I saw none of that, when it seemed as if there was only darkness and I'm grateful for those days but now I know that the light was always there I had just drawn the blinds and shut it out.

Those dark days are what caused me to choose something better, create and begin my mind set experiment in 2015 and it was that experience that made me follow my dreams to speak and coach and it also led to the creation of The Joy Project so that people all over the world could join me in awakening joy and watching the positive ripple spread out.

If you would love to be a part of spreading that ripple and have a go at choosing joy join the community and me, free here.

Thank you. x

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