Friday, 12 August 2016

Live a Joy Filled Life

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Do you wake up each morning excited to start a new day and fall asleep each night fulfilled and grateful? How you feel each day now, is that the way you want to feel for the rest of your life? Are you attracting what you want? Do you have enough joy?

I don't know anyone who can answer yes to all of those questions every day (including me) but I do know that there are ways to answer yes much more often than not and that is why I created The Joy Project. Inspired by an experiment I created and that transformed my life in 2015. More below on what it's all about and you can join the community click here 
The Joy Project:
Start Date: Monday 15th August (but people can continue joining the invitation is open and ongoing)

What is it?
A 3 month online mind set experience with the goal of creating and sharing joy! 

What does it cost? 
Nothing. Not a cent! 

How much time will I need to invest in it? 
Not much,this is about creating new & positive habits so consistency is key you won't need to take hours out of your day or have loads of homework.

Who can join?
Everyone that wants to, anywhere in the world. 

What can I expect to happen? 
Well the positive possibilities are endless, doing this same project myself last year completely transformed my life and I achieved things I never would have thought possible. But even if you only followed one of these rules for example gratitude and practised it daily you'd be guaranteed it having a positive impact on your life.
When we feel good it rubs off on everyone around us so the joy ripple grows and grows.
In the end it comes down to creating a life that you will be proud to have lived, and living in a way that brings out the very best in you, and having a positive impact on this world and the people in it.

Why are you doing it again? 
It is so exciting to start it now from such a good place - when I began last year I'd had a tough time- and I'm so pleased, excited and grateful to be sharing the experience with others this time around. Consistency is key, I'll always be on a journey of personal development  and still have plenty of goals that I want to achieve too.

Do I have to be on face book to be a part of it?
The private joy project face book community will be where I am supporting and motivating those involved, everyone can be as interactive or not as they want - join here
you can of course follow the rules yourself at home(they are below) and also sign up for a monthly Joy Project newsletter

If you'd like to hear more about my personal story  you can watch the video interview from this morning and also feel free to contact me via email or message me on face book

Joy Triggers

1.     Gratitude -Begin a gratitude list and add 3 things each morning and night that you are grateful for. Seeing and saying thank you for all the good in your life now opens the door for more to come in.

2.     Kindness- Be kind to others. Take all opportunities, each day, to show kindness. This could be opening a door, letting a car out in traffic or paying a compliment. Or not gossiping or complaining about someone.

3.     Joy Exchange – Avoid negative conversations and say goodbye to habits like gossiping, blaming and complaining. Ask will these thoughts, words or actions have a positive effect on you or others if the answer is no “let them go” -walk away, or find the joy instead.

4.     Fresh airSpend at least fifteen minutes outside every day (not on your smartphone) – There is something about getting outside that gets you into the moment. A walk, jog or even standing outside your back door and looking up at the sky! This can do wonders on a stressful day.

5.     Love -Start a list of things that you love and add to it each day – similar to a gratitude list, things that feel good to think about…perhaps they are in your life now or things you want to bring in. Mine includes sparkles, sunshine, blue skies, alien perfume, Audi A6’s, airports and laughter.

6.     Kindness - to YOU. Pay yourself a compliment when you look in the mirror, smile at your reflection. Try to stop criticising or putting yourself down. This is about learning to be your friend.

7.     Giving Without expecting to receive. Give time, love, a tip in the coffee shop, donate to charity – it’s up to you.

8.     Visualise The Life You Love - Before you sleep at night (or any time you won’t be interrupted) create in your mind the life you want to live and how you want to feel. This is the time for dreaming big, no limits – remember how as a child you knew everything was possible? Everything is possible but first you need to see it…create a vision that makes you excited.

9.     Your Personal Joy Trigger – Something personal to you that makes you feel good instantly. For me it’s playing a favourite song first thing in the morning (or anytime an instant mood lift is required!) It could be a photograph, a memory, something that instantly fills you with positive energy.

10. Don’t Pressure Yourself to be Perfect – It’s OK if some days don’t go to plan. Life always throws unexpected things into the mix and we are all human. But now you know that when you are ready you can choose to get back on the JOY TRACK!!!

Hannah Lilly x

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