Monday, 20 June 2016

A Beautiful Place

Last week I got to speak at the launch of Irish Health Hour in Galway on

That morning I woke feeling a bit stressed, not sure exactly what I'd say and no matter what I wrote down it didn't feel right.
Once there I reminded myself to just be me and shared my story and the importance of being a friend to ourselves in life. It turned out to be a really special evening. One of those moments when you just know you are doing what it is you are meant to do, when everything is clear and when you are surrounded by amazing people.

Everyone has a story and everyone who has an amazing story has been through difficult times. It was those times that led me to be standing in a room sharing my story and feeling so good talking to people afterwards.

If I was to go back to speak to myself at my lowest moments I'd say take the pressure off, all those things your telling yourself aren't true, that there are ways to feel better and that although its difficult, frightening & lonely its leading to a better place.

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