Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Joy Over Struggle

Everything is possible. That no matter how things seem right now there is so much joy available to us. When we can find the courage to look pain and fear in the eye and walk through it.
Scary as it is to follow your dreams and to believe everything is possible, isn't it more scary to live day to day just getting by? Accepting that its meant to be a struggle most of the time with the odd bit of joy along the way. Thats not true it is meant to be filled with joy with the odd struggle.

And those struggles can be got through when you can stop feeling like your not good enough and be a friend to you.

Yesterday someone read my story in 20 Beautiful Women and she was on the verge of tears, she said that reading how much sadness I had felt before shocked her. But we all have sadness, darkness and pain but we also can have an unlimited amount of love and joy.
It doesn't exist in what you have or how you look but inside you waiting to be set free.

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