Monday, 4 January 2016

Do You Want More Joy?

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Monday 4th January

Well the – Christmas tree is heading back to the attic as I write the holidays are officially over.

It has felt a bit strange not blogging for so long and I won’t get everything I want to say in this one post but I wanted to check in.

On 4th February 2016 I began my six month  experiment to follow the ten daily rules I'd created. It has been an amazing journey and every day I learn more about myself. A year ago I was in a very different place feeling uncomfortable with who I was, angry, guilty, frustrated and anxious. Each day was like a painful, emotional endurance event I wanted to disappear from.

11 months later and what do I know now that I didn’t know then? Just some of what I’ve discovered is…

That life is meant to be amazing.

That reaching external goals doesn’t bring lasting satisfaction unless you find inner peace and happiness first.

That our “thinking mind & negative self-talk” likes to try and find ways of disrupting that inner peace!

That acknowledging the anxiety I sometimes feel (what I would have previously seen as my weakness) takes away its power and it’s trying to fight it that strengthens it.

That we all have a story and most of us have events that we can feel guilty and angry about or be grateful for and take strength from to create our future.

That being present in the moment feels really good! And comes easiest to me when I’m washing the dishes, building Lego, listening to Eckhart Tolle or looking at the sky.

That it is possible to live in a world where you don’t obsess over food, weighing scales, and how your body looks with or without clothes on and that access to that world comes through self-love.

That every amazing, beautiful aspect of every human being has no reflection it is all in our spirit.

That my “gut feeling” is never wrong and I can tell if I’m doing the right thing by whether it feels good or not.

That when you do something out of wanting to bring good, to serve rather than selfish reasons it will always bring good.

That it is our responsibility to live our best lives not only for us but for everyone else, our family, friends, children and all the people we don’t even realize we touch.

That the greater the storm the greater the rainbow.

That I love to write.

That even though I try not too base my love for writing on whether anyone loves what I’m writing- it does make me smile when I hear that someone does.

That basing any of our self-worth in anything external money, others opinions of us, achievements, education, looks, and status is guaranteed to bring disappointment.

That knowing you as you are is enough is guaranteed to bring joy.

That vulnerability though scary opens a door to lots of really good feelings and allows others to feel comfortable doing the same.

That life is not meant to be a struggle.

That blaming and complaining keep you stuck.

That all of a sudden things don't seem to matter, that what it's so clear that how we feel and that we love is all that is important.

That I'm always learning.

That my intention no matter what I do is to help people feel good when they are with me and when they are not.

That gratitude when practiced regularly becomes a sixth sense, a physical feeling and that no matter what, even when I hit upon harder times, the days I cry, the days I laugh, the days that I wonder if I’ve taken on too much, the days I feel as if I’ve forgotten everything I’ve learnt this year, that gratitude reminds me that life is for living.

That we don't have to look outside of ourselves for peace but within.

That it’s not about the stuff we have or the way we look but about this amazing, phenomenal adventure we all get to go on.

Thank you for being a part of mine.

Hannah Lilly x



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