Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Perfection is The Thief of Joy

Wednesday 13th January
I haven't been blogging so much lately as after almost a year of being very public I took a little break! But today I felt the urge  and I realized that I missed it and the comfort it brings as the place I have always been so honest
Ever feel overwhelmed, stressed out, under pressure a little bit like you'd like to run away to a beach for a few days?
I can totally relate to that and chances are striving for perfection is involved whether you realize it or not and here is my imperfection confession for today!
As you know from my posts on Facebook and blogs lots and lots of good things are happening in my life and I'm really grateful for all of was surprised when I started to feel a little like I described in the first paragraph and today made myself take a moment to figure out what was going on.
And it came clear that the "veil of perfection" had accidentally slipped back on - to be the perfect coach, speaker, writer, running coach, entrepreneur, mum, cook ( thinking of what to cook for dinner each day was starting to seem like a really big deal!!) - when we start striving to be perfect we also start to put the pressure of other peoples expectations on us and that can lead to anxiety, stress and is generally not good for our well being.
Yes I am grateful for everything in my life but it's ok to admit that sometimes I have days when I think "can I do all this?"
The quickest way to steal the joy from something is to try and be perfect at it and the quickest way to put the joy back in is to give yourself a break and remember that once what you do comes with the intention of doing good that it will feel good and it will help others feel good.

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