Monday, 23 November 2015

One Year Later. From Rock Bottom to Elated & Grateful.

Monday 23rd November

These pictures say it all.

This time last year thoughts of how unbearable my life was filled my mind. Resentment, fear, worry, anxiety, guilt and anger at what 36 years of living had come to and I wanted it all to be over. But deep inside the real me whispered "maybe there is a reason for this Hannah - you are crawling on the ground now so you can find a way to get back up that you will be able to share with others"
At the time this seemed entirely unlikely as I didn't even want to talk on the phone never mind share my story.

365 days later and I was standing beside Jack Canfield in a Hotel in Philadelphia - love and excitement for the life I live coursing through every cell of my body.

When we take responsibility for our own lives - everything is possible.This year I saw and experienced first hand that the only limits and boundaries in place are the ones we allow our minds to put up and breaking them down was a much more enjoyable, peaceful and rewarding process than I ever imagined!

It's just the beginning. Watch this space.

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