Saturday, 7 November 2015

Blog to Vlog!!!

Saturday 7th November

Good Morning! below is a link to a video that I posted to my face book page last Sunday having got the overwhelming urge to do so after watching a Super Soul Sunday- I haven't actually watched it back but I received so many messages from people who watched it that I wanted to share it here too.

It also got me thinking about the blog. at the moment I have a deadline to have the first draft of my book completed by the first week in December which means getting my head down and writing each day and I think that trying to blog may be a bit much but I have now got over my video fear!! Having definitely accepted that perfection doesn't exist and lately I keep getting urges to talk so I think this may go from blog to vlog for a while.

I'll look into the best way to do it and keep you posted.

One week today and I'll be on a plane to Philadelphia (and I get to meet Jack Canfield!)- proving that everything is possible- my Secret Experiment was a success beyond my wildest dreams and proved to me that above all else to create your very best life you need to believe in yourself enough to let down your guard, love yourself enough to know that you are perfect in your imperfection and be you.

Click on the link below and even if you aren't on FB you should be able to view my video debut (sitting in my car with no make up on!)

I LOVE Super Soul Sunday and I love Oprah - both are on my vision board.

Have a great weekend.

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