Thursday, 5 November 2015

Are You Wearing A Mask?

Thursday 5th November
I have written about my rule number 4 but I got side tracked with the subject of the importance of living a life that is true to you and how taking off my mask of perfection made for a clearer path to my amazing life.

 Thought I’d be blogging on Monday but the days seem to have flown by and I seem to be really tired every day this week- I love being busy but something this year has taught me is that it is ok to take a break and it’s so good now to be able to admit that sometimes I need to ask for help or take a rest.

There has been so much going on and almost every day brings a new exciting development- having had a skype call about my book last week and the plan moving forward to reach more people with the blog within a couple of days (without doing anything) I had been contacted by a radio station a magazine and the official Secret team.  Deadline for the first draft of my book is the end of November, I have submitted my chapter for 20 Beautiful Women, run clubs are busy (yesterday I ran three times in one day),working with some wonderful clients right now and I’m speaking at a graduation tomorrow evening and to 80 third year students on Monday. Flying to Philadelphia on the 14th for a very exciting (and I’m told it will be intense) conference with the focus on my plan of action moving forward with my book, no my suitcase isn’t packed yet and I still need to get travel insurance but I’ll get to it! 

Eeek! When I write it out I see how I might be a bit tired because this is all on top of the fact that I also have a family but wow I wouldn’t swap any of it for anything because my life is amazing and I am so grateful to be living like this. Living a life that I am excited by. I know that I am living the life I am meant to be living. Yesterday I posted on FB about this very subject – if you follow the blog you might want to follow my FB page to because even when I don’t get a chance to blog I post daily and I also get the odd urge to make video posts like the one I posted last Sunday!

Because yes the last 3 months of 2014 might have been rock bottom for me but “hallelujah” I’m glad they came because if that’s what it took for me to wake up to open my eyes and really see that we have one shot and a life of “going through the motions” isn’t what life is about. Somewhere along the way in my life I forgot about my dreams, I forgot about what really mattered and yes my life was good but I didn’t feel alive. This year and my experiment really proved to me that we are all meant to be excited about our lives, we are meant to do things that feel good and that if you have allowed yourself to just go through the motions every day then you are selling yourself and everyone else around you short.

I’m not suggesting everyone packs in their jobs and takes off around the world but I am suggesting that you ask yourself some questions, ask yourself are you the person that you thought you would be? Are you living a life that excites you? Is the balance of your day tipping over at stress, boredom, anxiety, fear or love, happiness, laughter and excitement? Think of everyone you love and ask yourself which way you would want it to tip for them.

Are you doing things because you want to or because you think it is what others expect of you? Do you feel fulfilled?

Now maybe some people will read this and come up with lots of excuses for why it’s not possible for them to live an amazing life – too busy, responsibilities etc. but maybe some people will read it and it might spark a desire to change their answer.

I’ve maybe gone off topic here but really it comes down to the fact that we have one shot at life and if you were to be told you were dying right now would you want to spend your last month living exactly as you are now?

For me it was scary in October 14' to really see the person I had become and to acknowledge that the way I had lived and the mask I worn hadn’t actually protected me from the negative parts of life but prevented me from experiencing all the joy. By letting down my guard and giving the real me a chance to come out my eyes were opened to a whole new world. So many people are wearing masks. Maybe people that you are jealous of, people that you compare yourself to or people that you strive to be like because you think their lives look perfect. Are you wearing a mask?
I don’t want to sound like I’m ranting but when I look back at the way I lived and I see how I spent so much time thinking about things that just didn’t matter and having experienced first-hand all that is really possible sometimes I want to shout it from the rooftops. Sometimes my mask tries to sneak back on - normally when I forget about what's important and get side tracked by likes on FB posts,twitter followers or questioning whether someone will like what I write or what I say but the minute I reset my mind and remember that once I am true to me everything will work out exactly as it should. That doesn't mean that I won't fail, it doesn't mean that I won't be rejected but it means that I can take the positive lessons from the rejection and failure instead of the hurt.

I promised to write about each of my rules this week and #4 is pretty self-explanatory – start the day happy by playing music I love. It’s powerful and I always find that no matter what time of the day if stress creeps in music will quickly replace it with smiles. Some mornings the kids will choose a favourite song to listen to before they head to school and it sets everyone off in a good mood. Sometimes the things that can have the most enormous benefits to your wellbeing are so simple you would easily over look them and this is one of those things.

To hear a favourite of mine even after all this time click below….




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