Sunday, 25 October 2015

Rule #2 Gratitude- Part 1

Sunday 25th October

Rule #2 Gratitude

Part One

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." Melody Beattie

When I began creating the ten daily rules for my 182 day experiment I knew that gratitude would be one of them because it was one  of the first things in fact I think the first thing I started to do when I read The Secret for the first time and it immediately had such a positive effect on me. It also made me aware how up until that point in my life even though I considered myself someone who had an optimistic outlook on life I rarely thought about what I had in my life focusing more on what I didn’t.

The day before yesterday I was sorting through some paperwork and I found gratitude lists that I had been writing even on some of my darkest days. Deep inside I was trying to see the light in my life.

This is a rule that has played such an enormous part in transforming my life that I am going to split this blog into two parts (partly because it is Sunday- my son was ill last night- he is much better now and my parents are coming to visit and partly because there is so much more to the power of gratitude than creating a feel good habit.)

If you don’t already practice gratitude I can’t recommend it highly enough. On the 4th February I began with blank A1 sheets on my bedroom wall and when I woke up I would write at least one thing- often more- that I was grateful for. At first it tended to be very obvious things like carpet, running water, my children – not in order of importance! Just as they came into my head. If you ever wake up with the tightness of anxiety in your chest, stressed or simply overwhelmed by the struggles you feel you are facing taking a moment to think about even one thing you are thankful for will help to replace those negative feelings with a sense of calm.

Whether you journal at morning or night or take moments throughout the day to think of what you are grateful for I guarantee you will feel the benefits.

I was trying to create a new positive habit but it became so much more, I began to experience a physical reaction to feeling gratitude like a surge of golden light through my body, it has become almost like a sixth sense something that I am constantly using without having to think about it. The more you practice it the easier it becomes to not only forgive people and past events but to be able to thank them as you see they led you here to this moment.

It is the effect it had on me in building my self-esteem and love for my body and how I was able to say thank you for every seemingly negative event in my life that I will blog about tomorrow. Until then if you can take one minute now to think of one thing that you are deeply grateful for then close your eyes and for that minute focus on it, see it and feel how good it makes you feel to say thank you for it.

Have a beautiful Sunday…I’m off to a two hour relaxing yoga practice something that wasn’t a rule but I would definitely recommend and wow am I grateful for yoga.

Thank you for reading and being on this journey with me.


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