Saturday, 24 October 2015

Rule #1 Using Visualization To Create The Life I Wanted

Saturday 24th October


Following the piece in the Irish Independent last week and seeing my ten rules in print I decided and am excited to write a blog each day for the next ten days about how they came about, evolved and my feelings about them now.

I created them as I felt at the time they would all trigger good feelings some became more powerful than I ever imagined- Rule #2 Gratitude and some trigger a whole pile of emotions – Rule #9 Giving 10% of my income to charity each week- this revealed so many hidden beliefs and subconscious blocks I had about money but you’ll have to wait until Day 9 for that blog!

 Link to my first ever blog on day one of my 182 day experiment below.


Rule #1

Visualize my future, all that I want to achieve until it feels as if it has already happened.

This came about because it was something I had started doing when I first read The Secret and I knew that thinking of something I liked would make me feel good it was really that simple. I also knew about the *Law of Attraction (link at the end of blog to LOA expert Joe Vitale) and that visualization has a powerful part to play when we are setting goals.


I decided that I would follow this rule each night before I went to sleep and it is something I have done since 4th February.

The key here is that it’s not about practicalities, it’s not about how your logical mind telling you whether it’s possible or not it’s about seeing in your mind what you would love for yourself if everything was possible.

Now when I started this I had no idea how well this experiment would work, I had just gone back to work and was holding a few run club sessions a week and at that time it was all I was able for but each night I would close my eyes and visualize myself walking through the airport looking down at my passport about to board a plane to the U.S. The more movement you can add to a visualization the better, I could feel that passport in my hands, I could hear the sounds of the airport and immediately I felt the flutter of excitement. Not anxiety but excitement. I definitely didn’t have the funds for a trip to the U.S at that stage but I saw it and I believed that it could happen. Again it’s not about being practical it’s about seeing it, feeling it, thinking how excited you would be if it was about to happen or if it had already happened and then letting go of all control.

I could write another book about all of the things that have come into my life this way over the last year, it would be a long book!

In November I will be walking through the airport holding my passport to fly to Philadelphia and again in February to L.A. And it’s all happened in ways that were even greater than I imagined. Amazing.

At first though it was simply about using the visualization to trigger a good feeling, thinking about things I wanted made me feel good. I also began visualizing myself moving around a kitchen feeling carefree about food and it was two weeks later when I found myself in a friend’s kitchen eating a slice of lasagne. When I realized that I hadn’t calculated the calories or had an argument in my head as to whether or not I was allowed the lasagne I almost jumped out of my seat- I was in the scene I had created in my head.

Last week during my Chose & Create life class I asked people to think about whether their thoughts, feelings and actions mirrored their intentions. Is what you are saying what you are thinking feeling and doing – are these things you would do if it was happening?

If you want a successful business but tell everyone how hard it is to make money.

If you want to feel good but spend most of your time having negative conversations about the weather, money, health.

I’m going off topic here, so back to the way I feel about this rule now.

I still do it every night. Now I am  visualizing signing a publishing deal, I see myself flying a lot and talking around the world, I see myself and my family spending quality time together, I see my bank balance rising and when I’m driving I see my hands wrapped around the wheel of a new car and I see myself talking to Oprah Winfrey.

I urge you to try it – don’t tell others what you are visualizing unless you think they’ll support you- if I’d told people in February (after three months of barely getting myself dressed) what I was planning they would have thought I was delusional. Perhaps you think I’m delusional now when I talk of Oprah. Its fun each time something happens and a few weeks ago I screamed with delight when I received a private message on twitter from the Own Network about one of my tweets. The Own Network Headquarters and Oprah have been on my vision board all year.


There is more to manifesting than simply believing and receiving often we have blocks-deep rooted subconscious beliefs- that can stop us from receiving in certain areas money, weight, relationships and I will be blogging more about those on day #9. If you don’t have a block in a certain area you will be amazed at how quickly things can come into your life.

It is also a powerful way to feel better about events that are causing you distress say you had an argument with someone at the end of the day rather than going over and over it in your mind, see it being resolved. Picture yourself and the other person smiling and happy. It will immediately begin to replace anger and stress with a sense of relief.

Visualization makes me feel good and I have experienced it working. But say even if it didn’t work and it only made you feel good? You can’t lose because feeling good feels good.

When I told my wonderful Dad how good it makes me feel, that sometimes I wouldn’t even mind if it happened or not because thinking about it alone feels so good he asked me “but if it makes you feel that good aren’t you worried you might not make it happen then?”  He has always been a worrier and this was the length his mind was going to go to find a negative. Something I am so happy to say he does less of now since witnessing my amazing journey of self-development mind and body.


Tomorrow I will be blogging about gratitude which is also key when visualizing what you want it is vital that you remain grateful for all you have now.

Joe Vitale says to “want without need” is the quickest way to manifest and if you would like to know more about the Law of Attraction he is absolutely one of the World’s leading experts.


The rules I followed daily for 182 days 04.02.15- 04.08.15

1.     Visualize my future, all that I want to achieve until it feels as if it has already happened.


2.     Begin a gratitude list and add to it each day.


3.     Be kind to myself. Pay myself a compliment when I look in the mirror.


4.     Begin each day listening to music that I love.


5.     Be aware of negativity in my thoughts and conversations; try and find the positive in all.


6.     Fresh air. Spend at least fifteen minutes outside every day.



7.     Start a list of things that I love and add to it each day.


8.     Be kind to others. Take all opportunities, each day, to show kindness.


9.     Giving. Rather than waiting until I have enough, start donating 10% of my weekly earnings to charity.


10.        Do my best to follow these rules for 6 months; not pressure myself to be perfect and blog honestly.




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