Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Be A Friend To Yourself

Wednesday 7th October

This has been such a week and I've been doing so much writing which stirred up so many emotions and with my Life Class coming up that little voice of doubt in myself made itself a bit louder- I get so many messages from people who are nervous about joining run club, who wonder whether they will be the slowest, most unfit, the one that doesn't fit in - I always do my absolute best to let them know that they have nothing to worry about but in the end we have to silence that voice ourselves. Sometimes getting to the thing we want involves some initial discomfort. Immediately after I finished my six month experiment this kept me stuck for a little while because to get to where I wanted to required doing some things that caused a little bit of discomfort (like applying for a loan) and because I had got so used to feeling good I didn't want to feel anyway anxious or nervous. But I realized that no one gets to their end goal without any fear and that the fear isn't so bad if I don't beat myself up over it or allow it to consume me. Of course I will be a bit nervous about the life class but this is what I want to do and I know that there are people that want to hear what I'm saying and that it will feel amazing. So if that voice starts to tell me I can't I will answer it back telling it "thanks for your opinion but I can!".

We are always thinking and we are always feeling it is one of the amazing perks of being human but with this comes the fact that our thoughts and feelings as well as bringing us immense pleasure can also bring us pain.

This time last year I was just beginning to experience what were to be the hardest months of my life.

A year later my life could not be more different though from the outset it looks very similar. Same house, car, relationship I probably look much the same only if I stepped on a weighing scales the number I imagine would be higher.

My life has changed because my mind has changed, I learnt to use my thoughts and feelings to my advantage and it has been so phenomenal that sometimes I can almost not believe it.

Look closer and there are other changes my run clubs are more successful than ever before, I blog for the Huffington Post, I’m co –authoring a book due out next year and writing another of my own, I now receive messages asking me to guest blog and am following my dream to be an Author, Coach and Motivational Speaker, I’m off to America in November- all this is amazing too but I’m so glad that I mended the relationship with myself first because that is what I believe brings true peace and happiness and opens the door to living a life you love because everything else can be stripped away and what you are left with is you - the person you really are.

When you are able to quieten that critical, doubtful and fearful side of your mind and give strength to the side that tells you that you can and that you are good enough then everything else will fall into place.

We believe what we tell ourselves so we need to be careful about what we tell ourselves.

If you tell yourself you can’t its true.

If you tell yourself you won’t be successful it’s true.

If you tell yourself you’re not good enough its true.

If you tell yourself it’s hard to make money in your line of work. It’s true.

If you tell yourself everyone else is luckier, better, prettier, than you. It’s true.

If you tell yourself I CAN. It’s true.


When I began my experiment on the 4th February it was simply to try and feel better. The feel good triggers worked and as they changed how I felt it became easier to change how I felt about me and that changed my life.

I believe that “How you feel determines how you feel about your life but how you feel about you determines how amazing it will be”

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the changes in people and their lives when they begin to treat themselves like a friend instead of an enemy.
Life is fragile it is amazing and I know I'll always be learning but if there is one thing I know for sure any thoughts you have about yourself that make you think your not good enough they aren't true.


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