Saturday, 31 October 2015

Are You Ready To Shine?

Saturday 31st October

On Monday I will write about another of the ten rules I created at the beginning of my Secret Experiment  as promised…
I’ve had an amazing and intense week along with talks about my book, run clubs, blogging, guest blogs, prepping talks that I’m giving before I fly to America in two weeks, waking with a throat so sore that I couldn’t talk- the result of ignoring my bodies signs to slow down- I have also been taking part in a ten day Brand Story challenge with Jennifer Kem  – if you follow me on FB you’ll know this if not you can follow me * Hannah Lilly or Hannah Lilly Secret Experiment

It took me outside of my comfort zone and made me face my fears (the more I love myself the lesser my fears become but I am human!) about how people would react when I declared publicly that I am transitioning from being not only a running and training Coach but also in life. What were my fears? That people would think I was arrogant or conceited to say I can help people. Which of course is illogical because I already have helped and do help people. But that voice of doubt can be powerful even when I know it's what I'm meant to be doing.  It may sound clichéd but it’s my purpose and how will anyone know I can help them replace fear with excitement and create their best life if I don’t tell them.

It got me thinking more about how our fears hold us back and that when we look at what we are nervous about but take away the thoughts of what others think it makes it easier (though not always easy) to take the step. But embracing that fear, feeling it then walking right through it is a liberating and empowering no matter what the outcome.
What was the outcome of me declaring that I know and want to help people who are ready for change, who are ready to focus on themselves, to feel good and take the positive steps to live and create the best life they can? The response was amazing.

Whatever it is you want to do in life don’t worry about the people who won’t believe or agree with you- they are entitled to those beliefs- do what feels right, do what fills you with love, do what makes you a little nervous but a lot excited and I promise you will find yourself surrounded with people to cheer for you along the way. And whether you are reading my blog, following me on FB, Instagram or Twitter, coming to a talk, enrolling in one of the online coaching programs or webinars (coming in 2016) or considering working with me one on one know that I am not only cheering but whooping clapping for you every exhilarating step. I am your cheerleader. Thank you for being a part of my team.

This is your life.

Are you ready?

To be inspired, excited, to create and to shine.
"In the scheme of things, in the long and winding road of life most of the things we stress about will be like specks of sand in the end we won't even see them. It is the love, the laughter the way you feel & how you make others feel that will be the landmarks and the mountains.” – Hannah Lilly

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