Sunday, 18 October 2015

Are You The Person You Want To Be?

Sunday 18th October

It has been an intense and amazing week- just one of the AMAZING opportunities was to write a piece for the Health & Living magazine in The Irish Independent- out tomorrow - I am really excited and grateful. Online too from Tuesday so I will share the link then too.

 I had imagined I would sleep on today but actually woke wide eyed and alert with ideas about my book.

The message I want to share made clearer from my workshop yesterday. As I told my story I was surprised by the emotion I felt as I spoke of how last December I began to contemplate ending my life.

Things could not be more different now, I couldn’t be further from that person and I am so glad that I came to that point because if that’s what it took to make me look at what I was doing to myself, to the way I was living, to the effect that I was having on others and ask myself

“Is this the life I want to look back on when I take my last breath? Is the person I want to be?” and the answer was no.

This life is so precious, it is so amazing. Who knows what comes after it but I know for sure that I want to see it, I want to live it and I want to know that I took every opportunity I could-even the ones that scare me- and that I made a positive impact- something that I wouldn’t have been able to do had I stayed on the floor of my bedroom overpowered and consumed by the voice that told me I wasn’t good enough, strong enough just not enough.

We all have it that negative voice-sometimes confusing because it sounds the same as ours-, its strength and power varies from person to person. We’re not born with it but somewhere along the way it creeps in maybe triggered by a comment, an event, a realization that we are ranked and judged by external factors but the more we can do to strengthen the real voice the one that tells us the truth that “we can, that we are unique and amazing, that a good life is meant for us” the better the quality of our lives and the ripple effect means not only we are affected but the whole world.

Last year I heard only one voice but my 182 day experiment gave the power back to the real me and led me towards my best life.

We believe what we tell ourselves because we like to be right – so even if we don’t like what we hear we agree to at least be right.

How do you speak to yourself each day? With kindness or with cruelty?

It’s one of the biggest tricks that putting yourself first is selfish because it’s only when you treat yourself with love and respect that you can begin to unlock the positive effect you can have on others.

If today was your last day on Earth would it change the things that seem important right now? Would you put yourself down less? Because all we have for sure is now- and those now’s matter.


Are you living the life you would look back on and admire? Are you the person you want to be? I am asking myself and working for this every day so I can keep saying YES– and know that I want to spend my life helping others say the same about themselves and their lives.


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