Saturday, 5 September 2015

You have The Power

Saturday 5th September


This has been a jam packed week filled with exciting experiences…starting new beginner’s and progress run clubs, newspaper interview, meeting new clients, planning a one day Mind Set Masterclass, talking over ideas for a positivity workshop for teens and phone calls setting the wheels in motion for my trip to the U.S in November as part of all of my exciting plans for the future.

It has been intense and in between all the highs and good news came lovely calm moments when I’d look around me at my home, my family, the town I live and feel so content with everything as it is now. It’s a good way to feel. Yes I’m so excited about all that is coming because I absolutely know I’m on the path I am meant to be on and the things I have been visualizing are coming true but it’s not about needing these things to feel good. Because I feel good now.

And that’s what I want to help people discover, the tools within themselves that can make life immediately feel better. External support is a wonderful thing, knowing people care is a wonderful thing but there are so many ways that we can care for ourselves.

This is not the same as telling someone in a difficult place to “pull themselves together” but about acknowledging that we have a power within us that to provide love, nurture and care to ourselves no matter what situation we may find ourselves in.

My aha moment last year when I read “The Secret was not so much the Law of Attraction (which is an amazing thing) but the sheer fact that I was not a victim to external circumstances that blame, guilt, anger over the past or present that worry and anxiety about the future where not feelings that contributed to feeling good and that I could choose to try and change them.

Now plenty of challenging, frightening and desperate days were to follow this Aha because they were meant but that knowledge stay buried deep down inside me and it was what triggered the idea of my experiment when I knew that I had to make a decision about the life I chose to live.

The experiment that transformed the way I felt about myself and my life and that led me here and to the beginning of the next stage.

It’s a very exciting place to be but as I drove to run club last night I was so aware that things were moving fast and that I didn’t want to lose sight of now and this moment and before I left I posted on Facebook that I was going to relax for a few days. Not even 1 mile into our run I tripped and fell, as I sat on the verge with my two skint knees I knew the Universe wanted me to stop for a moment too.

Life is a beautiful thing and we can have a tendency to overcomplicate it.

Last December I felt so alone, even though I knew there were support networks for people that felt the way I did, that I had friends and family that wanted to help I still felt more isolated than ever and it was by finding and learning how to use the tools within me that made me feel more loved and supported than ever. Last December I wanted to die but the idea was petrifying. Now I don’t want to die (I have so much to do) but the idea is no longer frightening at all because I know that once I love and care for me I will never be alone.

Dr Wayne Dyer    a truly amazing man died this week and I think this quote from him sums up what I’m saying beautifully.




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