Monday, 28 September 2015

Are You Sabotaging Your Own Happiness?

Monday 28th September


The weeks seem to be coming around so quickly and before I know it we’re back to Monday and it’s been seven days since I last blogged.

So much is happening, all good but it really makes me aware of the importance of finding some balance. I love my work and now as I get busier and busier with my books and plans for the future on top of my runclubs I want my down time with my family and friends to be quality and enjoyable.

Last week I was quite emotional (in a good way) and on more than one occasion while driving home from a client’s house was quite overcome with such a feeling of love and gratitude. This life I am living know is unrecognisable from the life I was living in January this year and as I sat writing my chapter for 20 Beautiful Women (having kicked procrastination out- it had been invited in by that voice of doubt questioning whether I really was a good enough writer) it was even more amazing than ever before how far I’d come and got me really thinking about how the only thing that blocked me from this life until now was me.

I keep a separate diary in which I write all the amazing events that have happened since February 4th because so many have happened that I wouldn’t believe it or remember if I hadn’t written them down and perhaps one day I will use them for a book about the Law of attraction. I add to this book each time something I have wished for, mentioned or visualized comes true but it was standing in front of my vision board last week before I had a conference call to the U.S to speak with Steve Harrison a man who when I heard speaking on a video over the Summer said “I have to work with that man one day” and that is exactly what I am doing now in fact I will be meeting with him in Philadelphia in November- anyway standing in front of my vision board I realized that almost everything on it has come to me in one way or another:

The Secret- I have become friends with someone that until recently worked for the Secret and am followed by them on Twitter.

Arianna Huffington- Her bio has been on my board since last august and this year I began to blog for The Huffington Post

Steve Harrison – An amazing man who promotes authors and speakers and I get to work with him not only that I will be getting to meet Jack Canfield.

America- The flight path to America has been on my board since last year and the first of many trips is now booked.

Oprah Winfrey & The Own Network – This week I received an email from the Own Network saying they are hoping to use one of my tweets in an on-air promo (can you imagine my reaction to get a direct message from the Own Network- Super Soul Sunday is a lifetime goal of mine I love Oprah and have ever since I was a child)

Audi- Well I’m not driving my white A6 yet but I have had contact with Audi as they have a campaign called #WomenDrivers which aims to change a negative to a positive and promote women who are driving positive change in all areas.

These are just some examples that prove that there are no limits to what we can achieve. I’m not writing about them to be congratulated but in the hope it will inspire you if there is a dream in your mind that you don’t believe is possible for you- it is possible, and I can wait to talk more about this at my choose & Create talk on Saturday 17th October.

Also on my vision board are my beautiful family and while yes all these external events have caused me much excitement and delight it is the personal achievements that have changed my life forever.

In less than 10 months I have completely transformed the way I felt about myself and my body- yes of course I have the odd day that I think I wouldn’t mind tweaking this or that but I know now that I am worthy of love and happiness no matter what I look like and this has opened my eyes to a whole new way of living. My relationships with my family have improved beyond measure. I no longer hold onto guilt or anger about the past, I no longer fear rejection because I know that something better is coming and I’m also not going to beat myself up about it. I don't need to compare myself to others and  feel gratitude for everything around me and things that would have stressed me to the max before don't phase me -like yesterday getting locked out with no phone!- I feel love for people no matter whether others think they have wronged me and listening to bitchiness leaves me with an uncomfortable feeling. I would have always considered myself positive but I never realized how much negativity I unwittingly allowed into my life.It has been so much easier to find the good in people and situations and the more that I talk to people and help them with their problems I realize that everything in the end comes down to the relationship we have with ourselves.
Our happiness is our responsibility. No one else can "make" you feel a certain way. yes their actions can have an effect on you but it is up to you how you choose to feel about it and how long for. This choice is a powerful thing and it is simply a matter of learning how to use that power when you do amazing things will begin to happen and you will feel the positive benefits instantly.

So many times we sabotage ourselves and stop what we want from coming to us. Negativity breeds more negativity. Jealousy of others success does not bring success to you. Being ungrateful about the body you have will not make it easy to release excess weight. Your dreams will not come true if you don’t really believe you deserve them too. Bitching and gossiping will not change someone else’s negative behaviour.

I’ve found that one question can rocket you forward in the direction of the life you want. You can ask yourself before you hold onto a thought, open your mouth to speak or take any action…

Will these thoughts, words or actions have a positive effect on me or anyone else?”

If the answer is no. Let it go.



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