Tuesday, 25 August 2015

No Need For Perfection- Live Now.

Tuesday 25th August


Over the last few days I’ve been thinking a lot about how striving for perfection can hold us back from happiness. I spent a lot of my life feeling like I needed to be perfect in order to be happy in fact this time last year I was just over a month away from stepping on stage in a bikini for my first (and last)body building competition.

I was obsessed with my body, but not once was I able to stop and thank it for all it had done for me as I lost weight from one area my eyes would immediately notice somewhere else to criticize. Behind my smile was often sadness.

The thing is I knew how we felt about and treated ourselves was a huge part of our quality of life- I said the words at my talk- I was able to help some people see this too but I wasn’t practicing what I preached. Something that didn’t become clear to me until the weeks after the competition when any weight gain caused chronic anxiety, when I couldn’t order food off a menu without my heart racing, when I couldn’t bear to look at my reflection until eventually I wished for my life to be over.

Fast forward to now, six months of my life changing experiment completed and as you know my life transformed. The journey of self-discovery is of course a never ending one but now you are joining me as I begin my journey spreading my message around the world, writing my book and my dream of helping others feel good about themselves and their lives.

This involves some scary moments, doing some things that make me a little nervous. I want to talk on the radio, T.V I want to talk about this to anyone that will listen but I wouldn’t call myself media savvy and this week never mind T.V I had myself a little stressed about making a Periscope video (this is an app on twitter that allows you to stream live video that can be watched over 24 hours) it is a fantastic way of using social media to reach a wider audience which is what I want to do so why was I nervous?

Because that little voice was telling me that I look at the wrong place, that I talk too fast and my hair is probably a bit frizzy. Because video isn’t my strongest point. Because I wasn’t perfect.


Perfect doesn’t matter. Maybe I do talk a bit too fast and yes my hair can be prone to frizz but what I want and all I’ve ever wanted is for anyone that is tormented, feeling pain and anguish, anyone that is anxious, anyone that feels stuck and unfulfilled, anyone that criticizes themselves day in day out I want them to know that it can be better so much better and to do that, to spread my message and follow my dreams I don’t need perfection I just need to be me.
Last night I met an amazing bunch of people all working to support, give hope and help people suffering  with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts feel less alone and it just filled me with even more passion to use my story to help others

So now I no longer strive for perfection but to be the best version of myself and that comes from kindness, compassion, loving others and myself, laughing, smiling and being grateful. Now when I’m smiling on the outside my insides are smiling too.

I have just received an email this very minute saying that I have made the long list for Best Health & Well-being Blog in the Blog Awards Ireland 2015.

The shortlist will be announced on 2nd September which will then open to the public vote. It’s fantastic to get this far and as I know by now when things are meant they happen but yes it would be really exciting to make the short list.

Thank you for your support, messages and for reading!!





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