Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Day 168 of 182. Impatience is The Opposite of Gratitude.

Day 168 of 182

Tuesday 21st July


I love this blog, I have from the start, at the beginning it took a bit longer to write each post but now they generally just flow and it’s the one’s that seem to just fly out that I always get the most feedback on and are the ones that make the most difference to the people reading them.

So yesterday when I sat down with loads to say but struggled with getting it out right I knew I needed to take a step back and pause.

It had been that kind of week and I realised that I needed to go back to basics and follow my own advice. Feel good, now.

The reason this experiment began was because I didn’t feel good in fact I felt really bad and that was my goal to see if these 10 rules inspired by The Secret would help.

Well it’s definitely fair enough to say it’s been a massive success, so much so that I’m writing a book about the experience so that I can spread all that is possible around the world. This is something that I am really excited about and as it’s what I’m working on had been thinking about a lot. I can’t imagine not being able to share this, I know that the reason I went through all I did was so I could have this experience and pass it on.

But what I was reminded of this last week or so is the importance of staying in the present as much as I can. Now, this very moment is all we know we have and to be able to feel true happiness and gratitude in that moment is living the best life.

Thinking of things in the past that cause guilt and regret pull us from the moment. Thinking of events to come that we are scared or anxious about pull us away from the moment. But also spending too much time thinking about exciting things to come pull us away from the moment and this is what I was doing.

Yes of course it will be exciting when I get accepted by a publisher, when I get to promote my book, when it’s a bestseller (you know by now that I focus on what I want!) but I was beginning to get impatient and starting to think too much about how it all would happen.

Two vital things that I have learnt over the last 168 days

Impatience is the opposite of being grateful” because impatience is an eagerness to get out of the moment we are in and into another. (this I perhaps only truly realized yesterday)


The best things happen when I visualize my goal then let it go, surrender it to the Universe and know that right now in this moment all is as it should be.” (this was clear very early on)

All the amazing events of the last 168 days have happened in ways I could never have imagined and always when I was feeling most content and carefree and when feeling content and carefree was enough. When you are able to feel grateful for everything right now that is being fully present in the moment.

Life is now. And every now comes with a choice of feeling grateful and happy or not. Waiting until we have the perfect body, bank balance, job or house until we will be happy means it never comes. I spent years and years seeking perfection by trying to change something in me, by trying to look a certain way, run faster, run longer, and push myself harder. I reached all of these goals but they were never accompanied by the intense sheer joy that came with loving me for who I was.

 There is nothing wrong with having goals- of wanting to learn and evolve but true happiness comes when we can feel good and feel gratitude for now.

This didn’t happen overnight but from the first day that I accepted I had a choice in how I felt and chose to feel good I began living a better life.

You as you are right now  exactly how and where you are meant to be, and have everything you need to begin living your best life.

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