Thursday, 9 July 2015

Day 156 of 182 Another Dream Comes True

Day 156 of 182

Thursday 9th July

Well I’ve said recently that one of the most amazing things from this experience has been the fact that I no longer see things as “big” or “small” that I get as much pleasure out of things I maybe would have considered small – like a cup of coffee, leaves in the breeze, going for a run as I do out of the big things- like getting a blog published on The Huffington Post for the first time today.

Yes it has happened and I am so grateful and so happy (but that’s the amazing thing I was happy already). My goal from the moment I realised that this was working has been to share it with the world and this moves me closer again.

I also have a story that gives goose bumps to anyone I’ve told about my vision board and the bio of Arianna Huffington that I tore out of a magazine and pinned up last year, at the time I couldn’t explain why I did it, long before I blogged or knew about anything that was to happen. I shall write more about that tomorrow.

So if you haven’t read the piece on The Huffington Post here is the link

And if you are here at this blog having come from that post here is the link to the first post I ever wrote on Day 1.

Thank you to everyone who is reading and keeping me company on this phenomenal journey.

The Universe always knows where we are meant to be going, even when it seems tough and you can’t think of a reason for all the challenging times you are always being moved towards your amazing life.

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