Monday, 6 July 2015

Day 153 of 182 An Attitude of Gratitude

Day 153 of 182
Monday 6th July
“Be grateful for every situation & person that walks into your life, whether they seem like a blessing or not. They’re there for a reason.”
This was a tweeted by Jack Canfield yesterday and got me thinking more and more about gratitude.
I completely agree with it and now 153 days in gratitude has almost become like another of my senses.
When I began practicing an “attitude of gratitude” I wasn’t immediately grateful for every seemingly negative event in my life, for every person that I felt had wronged me, for every tear I’d shed, no that took time
I still write on my lists each day but it’s always with me- when I feel good it makes me smile inside to see how rich my life is and when I’m not feeling so good it’s my first port of call to improve my mood.
Realising this week that I’d say I know feel good about 97% of the time (a friend was like “do you realise how huge that is- so many people are only happy 3% of the time”) more days go by without any stress, anxiety, upset than those that contain them and when they do they don’t last long- Gratitude plays a big part in that. What do you think your happy percentage is?
I get asked a lot why I think it is so effective and how can people maximise it. The book will certainly have a chapter dedicated to it.
The more I think about it and the answer is consistency. Being grateful a couple of days a week isn’t enough it needs to become a part of your daily routine.
At first I wrote a couple of things on my list each day.
My warm house
My lovely cat Lilly (still A.W.O.L)
Christian, Jess, Leon
The Secret
They are the things I could think of on Day 1 and they did immediately make me feel better. After months of thinking of all I didn’t have it felt good to begin to see all I had.
Consistently doing this every day has played a huge part in the transformation of my life and still does.
Stop for one minute and find three things right now this moment that you can be grateful for – it’s more than words and you will know when you are being sincere.
Thinking of what we don’t have, thinking of situations we don’t want to be in doesn’t bring us any closer to what we want.
Thinking of what we have and finding in each situation something to be grateful for catapults us towards it.
The more you do it the more you will be able to find the good in all that happens to you. The traffic, the lost keys, the hurt feelings, the rain, the queue, the headache, the missed bus, the broken heart and you will see your happy percentage rocket.
If you make time to list all the things you are grateful for, and you feel feelings of gratitude, you will feel amazing every day. Your frequency will be high and you will move through your days in love with being alive, bringing joy wherever you go, positively affecting one person after another.”
 The Secret Daily Teachings – Rhonda Byrne
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