Thursday, 2 July 2015

Day 149 of 182. Constant Gratitude,Vision Boards & Jack Canfield

Day 149 of 182


Thursday 2nd July


This has been yet another amazing week. Sitting on the grass in the park this afternoon with a friend and I realised that one of the most remarkable things this experience has given me is that I get as much pleasure out of what I perhaps would have thought before were small things for e.g. sitting on the grass with a friend as I do out of the what I would have thought before were big things for e.g. getting an email asking me to set up my Huffington Post blogger account followed by another welcoming me into the Huffington Post Blogging community. (Yes there is a story behind that of gratitude, staying true and doing what feels right- for another day)

The people that I have got to speak to and email over the course of this is incredible including the skype call with a member of the Secret team (the Universe has a lovely way of bringing your dreams to you when you least expect it) but I have this sense of calm and content that has really increased lately because it’s all amazing- every single second of my life.

Sitting here in my room typing listening to the rain on a beautiful Summers evening, hugging my children, feeling so grateful for my health, out running up a hill with a group last night, starting work on my book, watching movies with Christian, thinking about stepping off the plane in California for the first time, brushing my teeth yoga, being still, being busy, driving, listening to music, talking, being quiet, drinking tea, blogging for my blog, blogging for the Huffington Post.

All of it gives me pleasure and there are barely any words to describe it but I’m full to the top of happiness and gratitude.

Gratitude- since Day 1 it was when I was most grateful that I received something that I wanted- often almost immediately. I still write on my lists once a day, sometimes more  but I have a constant gratitude list in my head that I’m always adding too and sometimes I text gratitude messages to myself. It causes a physical reaction and I feel a fullness like after eating but with thanks and it makes me smile.

Lot's of people ask me about vision boards- I’ve had one up since last August when I first read The Secret. It is a pin board at the end of my bed and on it are pictures of things that I want in my life. Have some goose bump inducing vision board stories!! Lot's of the amazing things that have come to me since February aren’t something you can take a photo of and though I knew beginning this that I wanted to feel good I didn’t know it was possible to feel this good.

 But whether you have a picture of something you want on a vision board or it’s in your mind what I have learnt for sure is that your emotions have to be on the same wavelength as your desire otherwise you block it. Say if you wanted a new car- thinking of the car made you excited, you could imagine driving it but if when you really think about the reality of it you feel anxious because you don’t see how you’d ever have enough money or you should spend the money on something else then you are blocking the car and need to work on feeling good when you think about money.

Or if you wanted to publish a book, you feel excited at the thought of seeing it in print but every time you send it to a publisher you feel anxiety and doubt at the thought of rejection then you are blocking it. You need to feel excited each time you submit it wondering who will be the lucky one that accepts your bestseller? Feel excitement at how any rejections don't even bother you because you KNOW that the right publisher is waiting and you know that you are good enough that your book is good enough

With the Law of Attraction and creating what you want it isn’t always a case of thinking about something, feeling good about it and then it arrives free of charge without any work. It can be that you get an idea of how to reach it that hadn’t occurred before. But when your doing what you love work doesn't feel like work, believe me.

I really want to write a book in fact I am writing a book and only 2 weeks ago I said to a friend “I want to be able to get advice from someone who has been really successful doing what I want to do. Write and speak”

So I thought about this each night.
I watched The Secret movie and Jack Canfield jumped out at me (author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and a man who has sold over 500 million books and speaks regularly - yep that sounds like a man I'd like some advice from I thought and actually said I'd love a coffee with Jack Canfield). One week later I receive an email about an online course covering everything you could possible want to know about writing, publishing, marketing and selling a bestseller by none other than Jack Canfield.

And having signed up a new running group(that I hadn’t even known was going to exist) for the Half Marathon meant I was able to afford to sign up, plus having worked on my “Abundance Blocks”

meant this was an investment into my future with no added guilt or anxiety.
And as Day 182 draws closer I feel only excited anticipation at all that I know is coming and a deep gratitude and love for all that is now.



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