Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Are You Living Your Best Life? Because You Can Choose To.

Day 155 of 182


Wednesday 8th July


This morning I had an “Ahaaaa” moment when faced with a question about my book “What is the core message of the book in one sentence?”

My answer?

That you have the power to choose how you feel and by choosing how you feel you can choose how you live.”

It is a fantastic thing and something I am absolutely certain of because I have lived and breathed this way for the last 155 days and to say it has been an outstanding success doesn’t even come close.

It is amazing because each day I see myself getting closer and closer to my external goals. My book, travel, my white Audi , but wow to be able to look in the mirror and smile back at myself, to be fully present with my children, to live without fear or worry, without disappointment, to be able to attract positive situations and people into my life and on the odd moments that stress and tension pop in – it can- I am human. Only the other evening a bedtime discussion with my six year old about clean clothes that all of a sudden the entire family was involved in had the potential to become a little fraught but being able to dissolve it almost instantly that’s worth two Audi A6’s in my driveway.

Who chooses whether we are stressed or relaxed, happy or sad, grateful or ungrateful? We do.

We can choose the life we want to live and we can live it.

Like a child writing a list at Christmas and knowing it will all come.

You can apply it to every area of your life and the best thing is that from the very first second you put it into action you are living a better life and it only gets better and better and better.

Yesterday someone told me they wanted to buy a book for a friend and they realised that they wanted to buy them my book.

Amazing and even more amazing because I know they will be able to.


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