Sunday, 28 June 2015

Day 145 of 182. How do you want to feel?

Day 145 of 182

Sunday 28th June

Since this experiment for a better life has been so successful I get asked a lot “What are the top changes I’d recommend making to someone who wants to begin living a better life?”

It's been a week where I received so many positive messages - from a student at the school I spoke in saying how my talk has changed the way she feels about herself, her body and her life, a teacher telling me the blog has affected the way she interacts with the pupils in her class and others whose lives are really changing in all areas including dreams they’d always had about the life they wanted to live but never believed possible coming true. 

Accepting that we control how we feel and that when we feel good life is immediately better. Making the choice to feel good. It’s a small but powerful thing.

 With a desire to reach as many people as I can and the opportunity to submit a blog to The Huffington Post I was feeling more focused than ever on getting a post written that answered that question.

Sitting in the park during the week feeling so happy and in the moment (previously an unknown feeling I was always distracted, multi -tasking the enemy of mindfulness) I got a surge of inspiration, knowing what I wanted to say. But at my laptop the next day as I began editing spellings and grammar it lacked something -the energy and passion that I feel about this – my emotions always the key now as to whether I’m doing the right thing were doubt and nerves rather than my usual excitement and enthusiasm.

Perhaps it was the pressure I allowed myself to feel knowing I was submitting to such a well-known platform for bloggers and what a compliment it would be to have an article accepted.

When I write my own blog I often get butterflies in my stomach and when the words pour out onto the page, when I can’t get my fingers to type quick enough then I know that it is a post that needs to be read because it’s not about boosting my ego as a writer, it’s not about how many views it gets, it’s because I know, absolutely that what I am saying is going to make a difference to someone.

145 days into my 182 day experiment for a better life and it’s worked. I am living a life transformed. It began because I had reached a place where the only choice was whether or not to continue living and if I did to everything I could to make it the best life possible.

So much is possible, our lives are meant to be amazing and I was to discover that the steps to get there were so simple, in a world where it’s easy to overcomplicate things they could easily be overlooked.

Step one. Realise that we can always choose how we feel.

We may not be able to control seemingly negative situations or people but we can always control how we feel about them. It’s hard to feel bad when you feel good. I know so simple and there are so many ways you can switch to a good mood. My instant happiness triggers are favourite songs, 5 second hugs with my children and gratitude- looking around no matter what the circumstance and finding something I can be grateful for. It always works. Sometimes if I’m in the mood to wallow a bit and of course that happens I might need to do more than one but it works.

Right now this moment we all have a choice. If you could feel a bit better. Choose to feel a bit better. Unless you don’t want to.

Summed up perfectly my six year old son(and proof that everyone benefits when you change your mind set) when I told him  that the place we were planning on getting ice cream from that night might be closed  he said…

“Well I’m thinking that it will be open because you are right, it makes me happier to think of the good things not the bad things….”

I believe there are people who are living every bit of their lives to the full smiling, laughing, happy with now and filled up with love and those that are missing out in some or all areas of their lives worrying and waiting for it to change or resigned to the fact that it won't.
But they can change it right now themselves.

I have been both and I know for sure which one feels the best.

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