Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Day 141 of 182 Turning Around the Negative Days

Day 141 of 182


Wednesday 24th June

30 minutes to write this (because I watched Paddington Bear with my son to celebrate the firat day of school holidays) but I wanted to get a post in because people keep telling me how much they miss it when I go a few days without posting. Thank you.


It’s been a busy week and the culmination of a few late nights, working and being on the phone longer than I should have some evenings, Lilly my cat deciding to disappear again and having spent a week under the weather last week meant that there have been more occasions that I’ve had to work a bit harder to stay on the right frequency. Stress, worry and upset did pay a few visits and with them memories of times in the past that weren’t exactly happiness triggers.

Now 141 days in being so used to and loving the feeling of feeling good I’m definitely extra sensitive to a dip in my mood. People will say “well Hannah everyone deserves a few down days” and that of course is true if you want them but I don’t so when they come I really try my best to turn them around. I want up days because they feel much better.

Gratitude is a great way to start so I have. I’m grateful to have such an amazing job- when I was out on the bridge on Monday with the runclub I was filled with such happiness and it was so clear again that it is when I’m helping people see and believe what they are capable of, be it through the blog, my talks, my runclubs, that is when I am following my bliss. I LOVE it and that is why I will keep following my dream of spreading what the Secret gave me, what is possible around the world.

Yes Lilly is gone and for longer than before but I’m filling my mind with the positive thoughts of her being around the house and I’m grateful for every cuddle, purr and scratch we have shared and how much laughter and love she has already brought to this family.

As for my swollen glands and sore throat I am so grateful for how healthy I usually am and for how quickly I recovered how it wasn’t glandular fever that the Dr mentioned may be a possibility. Every moment I felt unwell, even when I wanted to wallow I thought of being up and about and well.

And for the stress, worry, upset and negative thoughts from the past it I’m grateful for how rarely they enter my days now and reminded of how I have a choice about how I feel.

When “bad” feelings come along it can be easy to worry more about how to get rid of them- there is no need to get rid of them- but replace them with thoughts of things that make you feel good- this is a subject deserving of a post dedicated to it (or a chapter in my book).

I drove to the airport today, I love that drive and I used the journey to listen to The Power CD in the car and again Rhonda Byrne spoke of the past and how we can just take the things we love from it. Because it’s done and that is for certain. We can’t go back and we can’t change it, so instead of clinging onto thoughts that make us feel bad why not just take and hold on to the memories that make us feel good.

The other week I was on a Skype call to a member of The Secret Team (notice how I say that so calmly as if it is a regular occurrence, it was wildly exciting- that is the Law of Attraction in action and another topic that deserves a blog post) and as I was telling my story I noticed immediately a feeling of discomfort when I was talking about the last 3 months of 2014 saying how they were terrible and the worst, darkest times of my life. Since then I made a decision that I would no longer describe them that way. They were challenging times but they led me here and here where I am now is a dream come true. Miracles happen every week (skype calls to members of the Secret Team just one of many) and I know that the dreams I have aren’t “too big” and that they will all become reality.


 Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished. If you’re alive it isn’t.” Rhonda Byrne - Hero




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