Thursday, 18 June 2015

Day 135 of 182 The Secret / LOA transformed my life

Day 135 of 182

Thursday 18th June

“Life is so beautiful. Having spent hours chatting and laughing with a friend I floated home, a sway in my hips and my face turned to the sun. Each leaf in the breeze, each diving bird and the rolling clouds spread across the bluest sky seemed like marvels I was seeing for the first time.”


I’m back, whenever I take a break from the blog I realise again how much I love it.

This experience has changed my life positively in so many ways and this experience happened because on the 4th of August 2014 I read the Secret and heard about for the first time the “Law of Attraction”

Lots of people have asked me for a blog on the subject and I have a feeling that this might end up being a few blogs in fact I know it will.

The world is full of Law of Attraction Experts and I don’t claim to be one of them but what I do want to do is spread this amazing way of living to anyone and everyone that wants to listen.

I’ve said before that last August The Secret changed my life and this year it saved it. That’s the truth.

I had never heard of the Law of Attraction before and when I started reading about it descriptions such as “like attracts like” and “what we think about we bring about” set a light bulb off in my head.

Yes I was a positive person. Yes I worked hard. But I never seemed to get to the level I wanted to, never had as much money as I wanted. Spent a lot of time rushing and would often wake stressed and anxious. I could see where I wanted to be but seemed to be taking two steps forward three steps back.

If you take the example “what we think about we bring about” in my case it was so clear that although I tried to be happy and I smiled a lot I also spent a lot of time unwittingly focusing on all the negative things in my life that I didn’t want. How tired I was, how I didn’t have enough money, time, energy.

I  had a clear vision of the future I wanted but couldn’t see how it would ever happen I felt swamped and overwhelmed with all the negatives in my daily life.

Within a month of reading the Secret and using the Law of Attraction to my benefit I stood on stage in front of 150 people and gave my first ever talk (about how we can control and create our lives)it was amazing and I knew I'd found what I was born to do. However...

Three very challenging months were to follow, months that I am so grateful for now but during this time I practiced none of what I had learned in the Secret and my life spiralled into a descent. (The early blogs explain in much more detail about this time and the lead up to it)
Until it got to the point where I realized I had to make a choice about whether I wanted to live or not for my sake and that of my children. And that if I chose to live I had to try and live a better life and so my 182 day “Secret” Experiment was born.

 I decided to see if The Secret could really work on what I at the time felt was “big” stuff.

The answer. YES. YES. YES.

Now for me to sum it up in my own words and simplify it (because like I said I’m no expert) I would say that the LOA breaks down to how we feel at any given time brings about the experience we have. I knew from my experience in August 14” that when I felt bad it was hard to think good thoughts and when I thought negative thoughts negative things tended to happen but when I could change how I felt to good feelings I naturally thought good thoughts and good things would happen.

A good example and one often used is that you know those days where you wake up late, then you stub your toe, you get madder, shout at the kids, and get stuck in traffic, say “what a bad day”. That is the LOA in action but the reverse way to how you want it to work but each of those moments is an opportunity to turn it around and get the LOA to work in your favour. Stub your toe- take a second, feel grateful that you have a toe, think of a happy memory, play a piece of music you love and voila I promise you the day will turn out much better.


By following my 10 rules every day-each inspired by the Secret- rules that were all happiness triggers(because I needed triggers then to prompt happiness) the negative feelings stress, anxiety, worry, anger, my eating disorder were simply replaced by tremendous love, joy and gratitude for each moment in my life.

I say simply because it was simple. I worked each day on feeling good and good things kept on happening. Instead of thinking about all that I didn’t want I thought about all I did want.

I thought about and visualized how good it would feel to wake smiling every day, thought and visualized about loving the reflection that looked back at me in the mirror. Thought about spending quality precious time with my children and giving them my full attention. Rather than focus on getting rid of my anxiety and my eating disorder I thought and visualized a life where I was carefree and didn’t take myself so seriously.

This is the life I live now and I have fallen head over heels in love with me and it.

This in my experience is key because, yes we can create “anything we want” using the LOA but if we want to achieve it and keep it, wanting isn’t enough we have to also believe we deserve it and if we don’t treat ourselves well, don’t love ourselves how can we believe we deserve it?

Now I am ready to use the LOA to manifest my external goals the same way I manifested these amazing internal changes, ready to manifest my goals of spreading this around the world, of travel, of financial abundance and prosperity. It’s working already. More on this in tomorrow’s blog.

But I’m so glad that this came first, that after a lifetime of half living of overcomplicating things and never being fully present or truly grateful that I woke up to the beauty in my life, my family, my friends, the world that I live in because it’s amazing.

 I do wake up each day smiling, I feel a physical sense of love and gratitude with me every day. I laugh so much and I see and feel joy in things I never even noticed before. It’s a powerful way of life and no amount of money could buy it.

This week my Doctor said to me “Oh if we could bottle what you’ve done it would be fantastic” someone else said that my “passion and enthusiasm was infectious” and that is perfect because it is bottled in me and I will talk and blog about it every day and infect the world with The Secret.


All you have to do is ask and believe, and then get yourself on the receiving frequency of goodness. You don’t actually have to do anything else. The Universe will do all of the moving of things, including moving you.

When you ask and believe, you are getting yourself out of the way so the Universe can do its work” The Secret Daily Teachings


To be continued…….


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