Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Day 132 of 182 Always a chance to practice Gratitude

Day 132 of 182

Tuesday 16th June

Quick blog from my bed. A bed I am feeling very grateful for right now. I rarely need to go to the Doctors but this morning I was there first thing.

A sore throat which began on Sunday had turned really painful during the night. At times like these I really realize what a change this experiment has made to my life.
Yes I barely slept and was finding it very difficult to swallow,  yes Leon also kept waking last night and I didn't sleep. All things that would have had me really cross and feeling sorry for myself.

But instead without any effort when I woke knowing I needed the Dr I felt so grateful that its a service that is readily and easily available to me.
I felt grateful for
How healthy I usually am.
For the Doctor.
For the fact that today is my day off and I can rest.
That a Throat infection & swollen glands is all I have and how well I will be feeling soon.
Grateful that the Skype conversation( my first one) that I was so excited about happened when I could talk!
Grateful that since this experience began even in challenging times I can smile,  laugh and find the good.

Again it made me think about how these rules have become natural to me now. Consistency & practice have made Gratitude a way of life for me now.

Lilly my cat is settling in beside me so that means it's nap time. Lovely.

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