Sunday, 14 June 2015

Day 130 of 182.

Day 130 of 182

Sunday 14th June

Lot's of people are asking me for a blog about the Law of Attraction and it's coming. Today my laptop has decided to take a day off and I'm going to join it- typing this on my phone because I wanted to say one thing.

I have experienced a quite amazing week since I decided to step up focus on living the life I want. The levels of Gratitude & Love that I have felt have been so powerful.

Last week my words were that I was focusing on keeping negativity out but I want to change my wording  rather it's focusing on keeping positivity in.

Not about getting rid of bad feelings but on replacing them & filling up with good ones.

Think only of what you want and give what you don't want no room in your heart or mind.

"The way to have complete control of the Law of Attraction is to have complete control of yourself. Control your thoughts and emotions,  and you will become the master of the Law of Attraction because you have become the master of yourself. "

The Secret Daily Teachings - Rhonda Byrne

More about all of this tomorrow. Have a beautiful day.

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