Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Day 127 of 182. Make the Choice to be Happy.

Day 127 of 182


Wednesday 10th June

A common bond we all have is that we are all going to die.

 If it were tomorrow would you be happy with the way you are living your life? With the way you feel each day?

This thought crossed my mind last week and my answer is a definite yes.

 If I was going to die tomorrow I wouldn’t feel the need to change the way I feel about anything or anyone in my life because I love it all and I really don’t think it gets any better than that.

This experiment inspired by The Secret has given me that feeling. What a gift and one I have to share.

I keep getting waves of excitement and am walking around with a permanent smile on my face. Yesterday I made some friends laugh- we were sitting quietly and I just sighed and said “I am so happy”.

 Now I’m not talking about every now and then happy, I’m talking about pretty much all the time.

It’s amazing. What has happened to make me feel like this? Have I won the Lotto?

No.I reminded myself that how I felt was my choice and I made the choice to do my best to feel good instead of bad and it has worked.

I’ve been doing this with great results since Day 1 and last Wednesday I decided to step it up and really focus on feeling good, to blast away any lingering worries and doubts about money and my future to think about all I have -feel love and gratitude for it - I appreciate it and value it like never before- the love I feel for my children, my family my friends, my pets, my job, this world is so strong – it is a physical feeling that I am carrying around with me everywhere. I have never felt so good in my life and you can understand why I want to share this how to feel this way with as many people as possible. I am so happy now
And to think about all that I want, to make myself feel as if I already have it.
I do. I have an excitement inside as if my flights to L.A are already booked, that I am publishing a book, I feel as excited as if I was told this morning that I have an opportunity to meet and talk to Rhonda Byrne about all that I have achieved and want to achieve since reading her book. It is quite something.

Because yes I know it’s easy to think that we would be happier if we had more money, more things, more opportunities, if people treated us better, if we weren’t always presented with challenging situations and there is nothing wrong with wants and desires but we don't need to wait for them to be happy and they actually come much quicker when you are happy with what you have…

The fact is every second of your life is an opportunity to start fresh and to live a happier life.

Many things seem out of our control but one thing you always have complete control of no matter what is how you feel.

Ever have one of those days when everything seems to go wrong from the moment you get up and you get more wound up with each passing moment, every situation you encounter seems to be negative. You create those days because you expect them the minute the first thing seems to go wrong your mood is on a downward spiral, you probably recall how bad the day is to most people you meet which only makes you feel worse. You feel like a helpless victim to circumstances and you wallow. Oh how hard it is, if only you had someone else’s life- the life of those people who seem to have it so easy, that go around smiling all the time, nothing ever goes wrong for them.

I used to have plenty of those days- they far outweighed the good ones and even the good ones had a lot of stressed out moments.

Since beginning this experiment 127 days ago, as I began to take control of my feelings and became aware of the difference that feeling good made- I am now one of those people who smiles nearly all  of the time.

I’m living the same life all I changed was how I thought about things. It is such a simple thing to do that it almost sounds too uncomplicated to work.

Why does it work?

Because when you can change your feeling frequency to a positive one amazing things will begin to happen. As with bad days that continue on when you start a day with the intent to feel good it will get better and better. Now at first you have to put a bit of effort in as far as staying on this happy path but all along the way your emotions will be a little warning sign (like a petrol light in the car) that your running out of good feelings and you need to top up.

Those emotions?

Stress, anger, anxiety, self-doubt, self-pity, jealousy, hatred.

When they show up the only way to get rid of them is to replace them with good feelings. You don’t have to take them away – positive emotions will wipe them out.

Happiness, love (for things, people and for you), gratitude, laughter,

But something horrible has happened to me I don’t want to let it go and feel happy”

I spent a long time – particularly over the last few months of last year feeling very unhappy. Clutching onto every negative emotion going. So much so I considered ending my own life- each day of unhappiness rolled into the next creating an ever growing ball of misery- Every moment of each of those days was an opportunity for me choose happiness to begin to wipe out those negative feelings with good ones but I waited and waited until I was literally at the point where I was forced to make the decision.

Happy. To be or not to be?

And because it had become so bad I knew I needed happiness triggers to get me started so I created my ten rules- and wow it is with goose bumps and a racing heart that I sit here typing this because it is as if I discovered a magic potion.

My life is absolutely amazing, I wake with a smile. I go to bed with a smile, I lie looking at my vision board and feeling love for all that is to come. Last night I fell asleep listing in my head all I was grateful for now in my house alone going from room to room.

Pillow, bed, duvet, my healthy body, carpet, running water, shower, books,light, vision board, cat- into Leon’s room- Leon, his bed, toys, carpet, clothes, books,-into Jessica’s room across the landing- Jessica, her bed, carpet, stereo…….

I didn’t make it any further before falling asleep (much more worthwhile than counting sheep) believe me I woke up happy.
I am so driven with a desire so to share this with anyone who feels that life can be better, that it can be less stressful. Anyone that wants to be happier, more carefree and filled with love. Because it can. I am the living proof.
I could talk and write about this for hours on end.

Regardless of the circumstances nothing can take away the choice you have every second of your life – to decide how you want to feel now.

Yesterday I woke feeling amazing, the feeling stayed and then as I was turning on the laptop so the kids could pick a favourite tune to listen to on you tube (a happiness trigger for us all before school) it wouldn’t connect and I could feel stress beginning to creep in. My emotions gave me the prompt to get back on the path I had intended to be on- I could have ignored that prompt and the stress would have picked up some anxiety that would have probably grabbed a bit of worry but instead I paused for one second, hugged the kids, smiled and went on with my day and that was the first and last time stress came in. Oh and the laptop connected!
I know that may seem a small thing and maybe your saying “oh the laptop wouldn’t connect- big deal- I have real problems” but it remains the same regardless of how big or small we regard the negative feelings- good feelings cancel them out.

If 23 hours of the day have been negative is the hour you can change.

”Your thoughts and feelings create your life. It will always be that way. Guaranteed!”

Lisa Nichols – The Secret