Monday, 8 June 2015

Day 125 of 182.I'm smiling, I'm excited & I'm so Ready.

Day 125 of 182
Monday 8th June
Each morning when I open my eyes a huge smile spreads across my face.It really is quite something. Especially when you go back to how I was feeling last December.
Since the beginning of this so many extraordinary things have happened and this last week everything has stepped up again to another level. If you read the last few blogs you’ll know that I decided to start focusing on abundance and maximise using the Law of Attraction to achieve all that I want as far as business and external goals are concerned.
So I let go of the pressure I had begun to feel mounting about amongst other things,exactly how I was going to get to America and exactly how I was going to get this blog into a book. Two goals that I can see clearly in my mind each night when I go to sleep
Rule #1 Visualize all that I want until it is so clear that I feel as if it has already happened.
So I do this, I see it and I can feel the butterflies inside but then I let it go and I focus on being so grateful for my extraordinarily amazing life and all that is in it. My family, my beautiful children and the relationship this experiment has given us, my friends, my cat, my dream job, all the opportunities that I get and that makes me feel so good. And when I feel good no anxiety or stress can creep in, I’m in the “now”. Instead of worrying about money I have faith that all I need is coming my way and it works- opportunities have sprung up in the last few days that I never expected.
Feeling very excited today as I get ready to begin training a group who started out in my Beginner’s Runclubs for a Half Marathon- what a job I have- doing what you love never feels like work and I love runclub.
So last Wednesday I rebooted my mind, gave this experiment a jolt and on Saturday after a brilliant yoga session and then a reflexology & reiki session from my amazingly gifted friend felt my body was rebooted too.
Mind and Body re energised I ran a hill training session yesterday to remind myself how it felt before starting the Half Marathon Training and it was fantastic. Then a lovely day with Christian and the kids.
Tidied the house, not as a chore but as a way of showing gratitude for what I already have. This week I am going to spend a day getting my accounts up to date for the same reason to prepare myself for all the success that is coming.
It’s coming and I am so ready.
Plus on Day 122 -60 days away from 182-I opened a Law of Attraction book I’m reading to the page that read “Have it all in 60 days”. That made me smile.
I have so many dreams and they are already coming true.
This is going to be another amazing week full of Love, Laughter and Opportunities. How do I know?
Because that's what I have decided.
Success is achieved twice. Once in the mind and the second time in the real world.”
Azim Premji- Indian Business Tycoon
Hero by Rhonda Byrne
Big thank you again to The Secret a book that last year changed my life and this year saved it.