Friday, 5 June 2015

Day 121 and 122 of 182. Goodbye Negativity

Day 121 and 122 of 182

Friday 5th June

It was raining this morning but instead of complaining I thought how beautiful the clouds looked and as I drove my car to the garage imagined sitting in my Audi A6- gives me butterflies to do this- as I put petrol in out of the corner of my eye my Mazda that I’m so grateful for actually looked like one!

 Today is going to be another amazing day, a day filled with fun, love, happiness and opportunities. Why? Because I have decided that it will be.

Yesterday which happens to be exactly 4 months into this 6 month experiment(Thursday) and the day before that I could feel a marked change in me since deciding to focus on abundance rather than lack. On what I want rather than what I don’t want. I felt to be honest like as if I was walking on air when I came in from a runclub session last night. On Wednesday evening as I visualized my goals as I always do of getting to America, of getting the blog into a book (that’s just some of them!) I could really feel excitement brewing because the faith was back the belief that it was going to happen. Since the beginning of this it has always been when I let go of trying to control exactly how future events are going to come about, have complete belief that when I visualize and feel the positive outcome it will happen and most importantly feel so happy with now.

When I arrived at runclub yesterday feeling so grateful that this is my work, out running with these brilliant groups I immediately got tweets from people around the world saying the blog had inspired them to begin their own 182 day experiments.

Throughout the day & last night as I sat on the couch with the kids for our “Don’t Tell the Bride” evening I was filled with that feeling of gratitude and love for my life- excitement yes when I think of all that is coming but such a deep satisfaction and contentment with how it is now and then as I went to check my phone before switching it off for the night –on it was an amazing message that brings me another step closer to my dreams coming true in fact the message itself was a dream come true.

I can’t stop smiling but I couldn’t stop smiling before I got the message and that is the key when I’m happy with now my now keeps on getting better.


My experiment within an experiment to step it up and use the power we all have and the Law of Attraction to the maximum is working. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

And exciting!



Thursday 4th June

Every Thursday for the last 6 or 7 weeks I have gone to yoga and this morning was no exception. The class begins calmly with a few moments to gather yourself and let go of whatever else is going on in your life and clear the mind ready for the yoga practice that lies ahead. This morning something really stood out to me which was when the teacher said

Take a moment to check in with how you are feeling” nothing unusual there and then “this may be the first time in a week you have checked in to see how you are feeling”

I thought to myself really? Hardly. How could someone go that long without thinking about how they were feeling? But then I realised before this experiment I would have easily.

Now it’s become natural and I do it at least twice a day but most days probably more and had also just decided to start doing it even more frequently. Like I said in yesterday’s blog about financial abundance I am so aware that what I think about I bring about so if I focus on debt and lack that’s what I get. And instead am focusing on abundance.

I’ve also realised what a huge effect negativity has on me and the tell-tale signs of this effect? Always my emotions. If I begin to feel even slightly stressed, tense, upset or angry it’s a clear sign that I am veering off the path that I want to be on.

One of my rules is;

Be aware of negativity in my thoughts and conversations- do my best to find the positive in all.

It’s easy to get caught up in negative conversations- if someone has had a bad day (me included) or has a problem the common thing to do is focus on the “negative” dissect it but I know that this is no good for me and that it’s much more productive to focus on the positive desired outcome or change the subject matter entirely to something that makes me feel good.

I’ve never liked bitching or gossiping it always left me with an uncomfortable feeling inside and now as I have become so used to feeling good the slightest whiff of it and I feel my mood dip.

I know that I can control how I feel and I know that when I feel good- good things happen and everyone around me benefits. You cannot feel good when think negative thoughts. You cannot feel bad when you think positive thoughts.

Yesterday morning as I said I was stressed, anxious, tense from focusing on bills and lack, I wanted to go to bed for the day but then I thought “No. Enough is enough I am not wasting any more moments feeling like this. Things are changing and I concentrated on thinking about things that made me feel good and gratitude for the abundance I already have in my life. Yesterday and today have been such lovely days. So what changed? Nothing only my mind set.

So it’s goodbye to negativity and hello to gratitude and happiness. Because if I’m being negative I’m not being grateful and there is so much I have to be grateful for. This morning on the \Gratitude list went simply the fact that I am able to walk, to wash, feed and dress myself.

As I’ve decided to step it up I am “checking in” with myself and my mood a lot. Every hour or two. Doing whatever needs to be done to feel good now.

At first it does take a bit of work but I can’t think of anything more worthwhile or rewarding to work for than happiness.


We are all entirely free to choose whatever we want. The power is in your hands now, and you are the one who chooses how to use that power in your own life. You can choose:

To have a happier life today, or put it off until tomorrow.

What feels better? You choose.”

The Secret Daily Teachings