Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Day 98 of 182. Happy now.

Day 98 of 182

Tuesday 12th May

I'm writing this very short post on my phone.

This experiment has been amazing 98 days in and although my life looks the same - no external changes, no more money, new car, house or job but I am living a completely different life.

No longer living from goal to goal thinking that when I achieved it I'd be happy. Every day thinking about that goal be it a diet for a holiday or wedding, training for a marathon or to step on stage on a bikini last Oct. If happiness came it was never lasting.

Now by following these ten rules inspired by The Secret my eyes have opened to a whole new world.

Last December I wished my life would end, last night I didn’t want to sleep because I was so looking forward to today for no reason other than I am so happy now.

No longer saving happiness for "special occasions"   going for it every day because being alive makes every day a special occasion.

For the next 84 days I am going to use the same rules to work on bringing about the external changes, the career I want spreading this through talks and a book it's already started- 1st talk last week & another lovely article in the Westmeath Examiner today also delighted to have the opportunity coming up to talk to students.

My advice for me today is...

Visualize my goals. Be happy now. Take inspired action & be true to me.

It has worked amazingly well so far.