Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Day 91 & 92 of 182. Thursday night & nerves.

Day 91 of 182

Halfway Point

Tuesday 5th May


The next blog I write will be on Friday after the talk and as it has been featured in two newspapers this week- The Irish Sun & the Westmeath Examiner- both directing people to the website for more details I thought I had better write a post about Thursday.

I am so excited, so excited.

It will be an uplifting evening, I will be sharing my experience so far and how following my ten rules inspired by The Secret have changed my life.

Everyone is welcome and everyone will enjoy it- you don’t need to believe in the Law of Attraction and you don’t need to be anxious or depressed.

Swapping anxiety, stress, worry and negativity for happiness, laughter and love sure who’s going to turn that down?

Bring a friend, the Mullingar Park Hotel is beautiful and I know that a lot of people have told me they’ll be into the bar afterwards with their friends to make a night of it!

Tickets are available on the door from 7.45pm

Starts at 8pm.

Tickets also available in Mullingar in Days Bazaar Bookstore & Keane’s Pharmacy Austin Friars St & Market Point- big thanks to all for their help and support.

 So I have absolutely no idea how many people are coming but you know me I’m visualizing the room full and it has been amazing to get so many messages of support and hear that some people are travelling long distances to make it.
                                                                    Thank you.

Day 92 of 182

Wednesday 6th May

The day before and I seem to wake with nervous excitement which calms as the day goes on and then it surges back in the afternoon.
I put up a post on Facebook today saying how it's not about being happy and positive all of the time that would be impossible but when you at first become aware of the power your feelings have on your mood then you can learn to turn them around and get to spend not all of the time feeling positive but the majority of the time. I could let myself be really stressed now- the hotel room has changed, I haven't yet picked what I'm wearing, I have no idea how many people are coming -but I want to enjoy between now and stepping up there tomorrow at 8pm so yes I may have to be more conscious than usual of keeping myself on the right frequency and that started now with this little mini blog addition, focusing on how I want tomorrow night to go, knowing that whatever room is the right room, that whatever I end up wearing is what I'm meant to be wearing, remembering why I decided to do this, the amazing results so far and now I'm going to write on my gratitude lists, give my son a five second hug (Jess is not about)that five second hug works wonders and also remember that I'm not perfect and that is ok.

See you tomorrow.