Monday, 25 May 2015

Day 112 of 182 Create a Vision

Day 112 of 182


Monday 25th May


Dreams can come true and this experiment works. Yes I have to maintain and keep filling myself up with all the good feelings that following my ten small powerful rules but without a shadow of a doubt. For me. This has been an extraordinary success made even more so as I keep hearing how it is working for others.

Mission to get it into a book is on, so it’s more accessible and for all of us who could do with spending a little more time away from our smartphones and laptops a book would be perfect. It will happen.

When I began this 112 days ago each night when I went to bed I would visualize for 5 minutes things that I wanted to happen- rather than focusing on all the things I didn’t want in my life I thought about the things I wanted to come in my future. I did this with no pressure of trying to work out how it would happen but just saw a clear picture in my mind and day by day they are coming true. Just some of them

To be able to be relaxed and carefree in situations that involved food

To wake up excited instead of anxious

To feel good about the reflection that looks back at me in the mirror

To be able to help others

To be able to be fully present in the moment and grateful for my life as it is now

To get the opportunity to again experience standing in front of a room filled with people and share my experiences

They have all come true and today another was added to the list

To be able to talk to students in schools about the power we all have inside of us to feel better about our lives and our bodies.

This morning I had a fantastic welcome from the Second Year Students in Loretto College Mullingar as I got to talk to them about the power of
Gratitude, Love, Being Kind to Others and Being Kind to Ourselves


I could have happily spent the day with them.
Last December I  and as I sit here am overflowing with Gratitude that I am living the life of my dreams.

What next? I know I will always be learning more and more ways to live a better life and while I am very happy in the moment with my life now there is still plenty of things I want and am going to do.
My visualizations at night now include

Getting to talk all over the world about this

Getting to spread this message that there is a life after Eating Disorders & Negative Body Image to as many people as possible through the blog, talks radio & T.V
Going to California this year

Meeting Rhonda Byrne & the Secret Team

Getting the blog into a book (let’s make it a Bestseller)

Driving a White Audi A6

Making a difference to the lives of others


What are yours?

Go on. Go for it.

Create a vision that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning”

Link to the very first post I wrote 112 days ago below