Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Day 77 of 182. Thank you for Gratitude

Day 77 of 182

Tuesday 21st April


I feel amazing this morning, really amazing and the fact that I feel like that is amazing!!

 Let me explain.

Last night something that could be seen as “negative” or “bad” happened to me. It is the way I would have previously seen it.

Yesterday afternoon I had started writing a post about gratitude and how it has been such a powerful tool in the transformation of my life this last 77 days but I didn’t get to finish it because I was heading out to runclub. Again every time I don’t publish my intended post something happens that makes it clear why, this time is no different and that is how this new post about “Gratitude” has come about.

At 19.48 after a fantastic final run along the canal with this runclub I sat into my car, I was thinking how good it felt how glad I was to be out running that evening in the sun and now how grateful I was to be heading home to a tasty dinner and to watch a movie with Christian.

For some reason I decided to check my emails, well not for some reason from my experience everything is meant. There in my inbox was a mail from the Editor at The Huffington Post I had sent my second piece to.

My heart jumped. Wondered should I wait till I get home to open it, decided to go for it.

So sitting in my car, the heat of the sun shining through, sounds of footballers training I clicked it and there were the words

“…decided to pass up on this one also. Thank you for sharing…”

Yes I felt a jab of hurt and a feeling of sadness. Before this experience news like that would have crushed and devastated me. It would have ruined my evening, my week probably even longer.

This time the sadness lasted maybe a minute, I didn’t have to even work at turning it around. My head naturally began to fill with thoughts of all I was so grateful for…

To have had the opportunity, that an Editor from The Huffington Post had even read my work, for my blog and the people who read it, for the day I had spent with such fantastic people, for my healthy body being able to run along the canal, grateful for The Secret that inspired me to begin this experience, how from it I have overcome an Eating Disorder, for my friends and family who love me so much, for all the people willing so much good for me.

So The Huffington Post isn’t my path right now. Wonderful things are coming and now is wonderful.

I went home and spent a perfect evening, relaxing, laughing and eating ice cream. Woke this morning with a smile on my face.

Gratitude gives you the power to stay in the moment to see and feel all the good that is already here. Now.

So today amongst many other things (including auto save as I somehow managed to delete this post about five minutes ago!)
I am grateful for gratitude.