Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Day 71 of 182. I am so excited to get to share..

Day 71 of 182

Wednesday 15th April


It’s 16.44pm and my two children have just gone into yoga. Introducing some Mind, body, spirit action to the whole family.

Rather than rushing home and then rushing back I decided to wait in the car and blog. It’s been a really lovely day, started with a short weights session in the gym. Met a friend for a coffee (well a spiced chai latte, can’t believe I only discovered them a month or so ago) which turned into a lovely lunch. Succeeded in following my new rule #11 (see yesterday’s blog if that sentence means nothing to you) –phone stayed in the bag throughout.

People have been asking me am I ready for the talk on the 7th May? I am ready to explode with excitement

Because I really want to share what I’ve learned this last 71 days and because this is my dream, to be able to give this to other people. As I even type this it makes my heart race and I know that I’ve found what I want to do.

I felt so bad last year so panicked and anxious and now I am so happy. A wonderful calm happy and I want to spread it to infect the world with that feeling. I have to share it.

Working on wording for the posters but I can’t write lot’s so I’m going to take this post as an opportunity to explain further.

Firstly it will be an uplifting and positive evening, I’m hoping for some laughter but as I’m not a comedienne don’t hold me to that. You will though, feel good when you leave.

Yes I will be talking some about my experiences with anxiety, low self-esteem and an eating disorder (I know doesn’t sound like a barrel of laughs).

Does this mean you have to have experienced any of those things? Absolutely not.

This 182 day experiment began because I wanted to see if the rules I created inspired by The Secret would work when I was at rock bottom and really struggling. The answer is yes, beyond my wildest dreams the experiment is a success.

What I will be mostly talking about is what these rules are, what changes I made to get this better life.

Even if your life is great & you’re happy, what’s the harm in seeing if it could be even greater, if you could be even happier?

If you have a good life but feel a bit stuck, maybe catch yourself wondering every now and then “Is this it?”

Who doesn’t want less stress, negativity and worry in each day.

Who doesn’t want to smile more, laugh more be more carefree regardless of the circumstances of our lives?

Who doesn’t as an adult want to be able to feel the excitement about their life that they felt as a child?

Because that is what has happened to me. It feels like I have been given the best gift ever.

I now know that I cannot control what is going on around me, I cannot control other people negative or otherwise but I can control myself and the way that I choose to feel.

By following this experiment making small manageable and sustainable changes that helped me retrain my mind, I’ve stepped into the life of my dreams and I am bursting literally bursting with the desire to share this.

If I were standing in front of you now I would be jumping about, punching the air, maybe “whooping enthusiastically” like I do with my runclubs, saying

“Come. What’s to lose? I guarantee you won’t feel worse leaving and it might  be like it has been for me, the beginning of something amazing…”

Thursday May 7th

Mullingar Park Hotel

Ireland (wonderful if my readers from overseas could come but no pressure!!)

Tickets €20

10% ticket sales donated to Aware, Headstrong & Bodywhys

Click on link below ( or the button marked ticket sales on website)and choose quantity then pay securely with PayPal. Simply print out the confirmation email or show it on your phone on the night.


 They will also be available from Days Bazaar in Mullingar soon.

Thank you, hope very much to see you there.

Don’t you know I’m visualising the room full? xxx