Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Day 70 of 182. It has worked. 10 rules became 11

Day 70 of 182
Tuesday 14th April
I have another post pretty much ready about how I realised that happiness was the main trigger for my negative thoughts about myself and Eating Disorder.
It’s quite a serious read and tonight I’m feeling really light hearted and a little tired so I’m going with what I feel and I’ll check it and post it tomorrow.
On the odd times I have ended up posting differently than I originally intended it’s always proved to be the right thing to do. Maybe somebody somewhere will benefit more from it going up tomorrow.
So I’m going to re post the rules that I have been following for the last 70 days, the rules that have transformed my life.
Something that I am also working on now is spending more time unplugged from technology and connected to life, as it happens.
After my eight days of “unplugging” inspired by reading Thrive by Arianna Huffington and following a 21 day meditation thank-you Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey I’m quite addicted to it.
Yesterday having spent too long in front of the laptop I felt a little frazzled, sat on my bed facing the window focused on 10 breaths and it is as if everything slows down and I feel so calm.
Then out at runclub last night I took the time to really be aware of my surroundings, to take in how good it felt to be out in the fresh air, listening to the chatter of everyone in the group. How grateful I am to be able to call that work, so grateful and full of love for what I do that it fills me up.
 The air was heavy with an anticipation of thunder that never came, the sky seemed so vast and when I clear my head of the distractions that can come with being permanently attached to my smartphone the simplest of moments can be so beautiful.
This afternoon I went shopping with my son and I left the phone at home, it felt so good to be really listening to what he was saying. To really be there fully with him.
 Many times I have written messages, scrolled through Facebook, tweeted while my children have been saying “look, look” and I would simply nod, “Hmmmm….. yes” without taking my gaze off the screen.
I’m not perfect. I love my phone and I love social media and now with the blog I’m using it more than ever. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.
This though has been an experiment to live a better life and to quote from Thrive “to be partially connected to everything and truly connected to nothing”- or something very similar to that - is not a better life.
 In 70 days my experiment has worked. I am living a better life.
Now, I am working on living the best life and so if this means 10 rules become 11 no problem.
My 10 rules so far:
1.     Visualize my future, all that I want to achieve until it feels as if it has already happened.
2.     Begin a gratitude list and add to it each day.
3.     Be kind to myself. Pay myself a compliment when I look in the mirror.
4.     Begin each day listening to music that I love.
5.     Be aware of negativity in my thoughts and conversations; try and find the positive in all.
6.     Fresh air. Spend at least fifteen minutes outside every day.
7.     Start a list of things that I love and add to it each day.
8.     Be kind to others. Take all opportunities, each day, to show kindness.
9.     Giving. Rather than waiting until I have enough, start donating 10% of my weekly earnings to charity.
10. Do my best to follow these rules for 6 months; not pressure myself to be perfect and blog honestly.
New rule added in... 
11. Smartphone turned off when I am with the children and at least one hour before I go to bed. No checking the phone when watching a movie, having a conversation or meeting friends for coffee. Focusing fully on what it is I am doing at the time.

The ten rules have transformed my life, it is exciting to see now what the next 112 days will bring.