Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Day 63 of 182. It feels good to be back.

Day 63 of 182

Tuesday 7th March


Hello, back after my week away from technology though I did break it to write on Easter Sunday, I had to. First Easter to eat an egg guilt free or so I hoped, it needed to be blogged about.

Blog to come soon about my week unplugged and the highs (definitely connected more with real humans that I met during the week) and lows (Day two of no twitter and I felt lonely which came as a bit of a shock). What it did prove though for sure was that I love writing, but also as fantastic as social media can be, I don’t need to be connected to the world 24/7. In fact twice a day is probably enough.

As far as chocolate eggs and food guilt it seems I’ve come full circle, though it has been quite something to enjoy processed sugar and a few trips to the chippers without beating myself up over it, I definitely notice that it affects my mood. I crash afterwards, feel weepy and tired. My body deserves to be treated right after all these years and I am craving fresh foods. I was slightly worried that my family might think “oh dear here she goes again”… but I’m not bringing back lots of rules and restrictions.

As this experience evolves and I work on this “best life possible” adding in meditation and yoga to my weekly routine I also know that nourishing, fresh where possible is the way I want to go with food. It’s also felt good to get back in the kitchen cooking for my whole family.

Talking of weekly routine below are the ten rules that got me here. That I started following on the 4th February and have quite simply changed my life.

Going to soon have them permanently displayed on the website. This experiment was inspired by having read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, https://www.google.ie/?gws_rd=ssl#q=rhonda+byrne

the principles from this book had worked when I was experiencing stress last August when prepping to compete in a bikini contest.

Then it all fell apart, realisation and acceptance of my eating disorder meant my anxiety got so severe I didn’t want to leave the house, look at myself, talk to anyone or even hard as it is to say be alive.

But I began to wonder would those principles work in situations like this and so the rules and my idea of a six month experiment came about.


My Daily Rules;

Spend 5 minutes each night before I sleep visualizing my future and all I want to achieve until it is so clear that it feels as if it has already happened.

Begin my gratitude list on the 4th Feb and add to it each day.

Be kind to my reflection. Pay myself a compliment when I look in the mirror.

Start the day HAPPY by playing 2 of my favourite tunes- at the moment this is " Sigma feat Paloma Faith-Changing & You've got the love- Florence Welch" though I will allow myself the option of flexibility here as 6 months is quite a long time!!!!

Think POSITIVE. Do my very best each day to find the positive in all things. Be aware of negativity in my thoughts and conversations.

Fresh air. Spend at least 15 minutes outside every day.

Love. Start a list of things I love on 4th Feb and add to it each day.

Be Kind. Each day take as many opportunities to show kindness to others as I can. This can be as simple as letting a car out in the traffic or opening a door.

Giving. Rather than waiting until I have enough to give I will start now. Each week I will donate 10% of my earnings to charity.

Do my best to follow these rules for the next 6 months, not pressure myself to be perfect at it & blog honestly every day about the experience. 


*This whole experience from last year in the worst moments to now will be what I am talking about at 8pm on May 7th.

I will post more details of the talk and tickets this week.

A dream come true and something that has been one of my Rule #1 visualizations every night.

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I was looking back through some of the archives today, so if you haven’t read it here’s one about how this six months was always intended to be about more than just “being positive”.

 I love to write and will keep on writing but it feels really good to know it’s being read too. Thank you.