Thursday, 19 March 2015

Day 44 of 182. There is no big dream or small dream. A dream is a dream and they can come true.

Day 44 of 182
Thursday 19th March
Yesterday I woke to the most beautiful blue sky, the day looked to me how happiness would look if I was to take a photo of how it feels.
Warmth and an almost holiday like anticipation of good things to come.
Success can be measured in many ways but we too often measure it in terms of money, cars, material objects. There is nothing wrong with wanting success in these areas and when they come I will be grateful.
 But since starting this I am not earning more money, nor am I in my Audi, but it has been an absolutely undisputed success in terms of all the priceless forms that it comes in, love for others and myself, self-belief, happiness,these are lasting, things that can never leave me unless I choose to let them go, because they are now a part of me.
Some , pretty amazing things have happened to me over the last few days on top of all the life changing events that have already occurred in the last 44 showing me over and over that the Universe wants my dreams to come true as much as I do.
They are coming true, every day. To sit here now 44 days since I began this journey, one I now know won’t end. That I’ll always be learning but to be free of the pressures, of guilt, regret and a need to be the perfect everything for everyone at all times.
It’s a whole new world.
Of course I have things that threaten to irritate, upset, anger me but I am getting quicker at turning them around and now am focusing even more on the tools that I know make this even easier. Meditation, mindfulness. I have a tag line that sums it up.
I’m working on a better life and its working”
I don’t ever intend to stop working on it, the effort I have put in since the 4th February has yielded gifts that no amount of money could buy and each day these gifts just keep on coming.
Now I’m going to go back to last August to something I did that I couldn’t quite explain but that has now become clear.
I was sitting in the waiting area of a beauticians and picked up a copy of Social & Personal Magazine, not a magazine I had ever read before. Opening it there was an article about Arianna Huffington, had a name I’d heard before but didn’t actually know much about her, I was drawn to it and read on. Now I can’t say much more than I felt a real connection but I didn’t know why, I felt that she was linked to my future somehow.
“A women of Influence
Arianna Huffington has had a remarkable rise from poverty to become editor of the world’s second-biggest news website the Huffington Post. And, as her new book shows, it has taken extraordinary determination. She moved to New York. Married a billionaire oil magnate. Supported his political career. Divorced. Tried her hand at her own political career. Failed. She then started a blog that was to become arguably the most successful blog of all time. Social & Personal caught up with the media mogul in New York.
So much so that I asked could I keep the magazine, and when I went home I tore out the blurb about her and pinned it on my vision board.
For me to feel linked to this extraordinary, powerful and successful woman I‘m sure seems as bizarre to you now as it did to me then, but I had  just read the Secret and these urges or impulses were something I realised were worth paying attention to.
I have to stress here that this made no sense to me at all, this was before my talk, the competition, my months of despair and long before any idea of the blog came about.
I actually felt kind of silly putting it up, my vision board contains pictures of many people and things that others may consider then and now unreachable for me, but that I did and most definitely still believe in. This though was different I couldn’t understand why I needed it up there but I did, so there it has stayed until just this second so I could type what it says, and now it’s going back up.
Back to now.
A few weeks ago when I was starting to get a caught up in the world of social media, blogging. Receiving messages that the blog was helping people I couldn’t stop thinking how do I reach more people. Do I tweet more, do I try and get in the paper? Instagram? Facebook? With my full time job as well I was becoming exhausted, spending less time with my children and this had the power to turn into an experiment to live a worse life rather than a better one.
Seeing a post on Facebook about a book called Thrive written by Arianna Huffington which talks about the subject of unplugging from our devices, slowing down. I read on.
 I tried to pre order to get the opportunity to be a part of a question and answers hangout but couldn’t so thank you to Stella in my local bookstore, 3 days later it was in my hand.
Attempts to slow down were made on my part with limited success, even though I knew it was for my benefit. The Universe took charge and kindly arranged a week of recovery away from laptop and phone due to my concussion.
It showed me the benefits of sleep, mindfulness, meditation, quality family time without my phone in my hand, all things that Arianna speaks about in Thrive so when I did turn the phone on and saw a post about the book I had another urge to comment and say thank you.
This small act of this comment led to me being able to take part in the Google hangout and lots of other details that lead to my amazing news but I am going to cut a long story short, perhaps I will fill you in another time, at my talk maybe.
I have been shown again what a powerful a force we have in ourselves to choose how we live and that we can have the power of the Universe working with us, which means there are no limits.
Much as I dream of sharing all I have learned with the world. I slowed down and believed that once I stayed true to my dream, to myself, worked hard on my better life, on being happy now and grateful for each moment as it is.
Believed that once I wrote this blog with honesty and a true desire to help others who may be struggling feel less alone to believe that there is hope that what is meant to happen would and the blog will reach everyone it needs to at exactly the right time.
So my news, my fantastic, took my breath away, danced and sang, around my house almost unbelievable news is that I have received the absolutely amazing opportunity to share my story on the Huffington Post.
Deep breath and what more can I say only...
Thank you.
The number-one hindrance to success is people who believe it’s not possible for them. If you believe something’s not possible, then you’re right. And the whole Universe will be against you, not because the Universe is a bad place, but because that’s how you’re interacting with it, and all you’ll look for is proof of your low self-worth, and proof of why it’s not possible”
–Hero by Rhonda Byrne