Saturday, 7 March 2015

Day 32 of 182. Runs in the park,sleepy blogs and tree climbing frogs.

Day 32

Saturday 7th March



 Lot’s I want to say but I’m not sure if the body will cooperate. Feeling sleepy, super sleepy. Travelled up to Dublin this morning with a group of Runclub members for a 5/10k race in the Phoenix Park.

Organised by Niall Breslin (Bressie) who spoke openly about his struggles with anxiety and created My1000hours to create awareness and I quote

Offer simple practical ways that people can attempt to find the best way of dealing, managing and improving their mental fitness.”


To stand there in that beautiful park surrounded by the runners I knew who I am so proud and privileged to know and spend time with, but also thousands of people who I don’t know but all there for the same reason to support each other. Lots of goose bump, teary moments-get them a lot lately!

The day was perfect in every sense and I want to write more but I my fingers don't want to hit they right keys.

One thing, after years of beating myself up over race times, punishing myself with extreme diets and over exercising, I just 5 minutes ago signed up for a half marathon (13.1 miles/21 Km) in 10 days’ time. Paddy's day!!!!
It was always my favourite distance to run. I haven’t trained or ran further than 10k in a long time but I will
do this for me, for the sheer pleasure of it what better reason. Now knowing that I deserve to be able to do that.

On the subject of knowing that I don’t have to always make life difficult for myself rule #10 states

Do my best to follow these rules for the next 6 months, not pressure myself to be perfect at it and blog honestly every day about the experience”

Well it’s staying the same only I won’t be blogging every day, in keeping with not being perfect I didn’t want this to become an obsession, something I followed religiously even if it had a negative impact on me or my family.

Reason for starting. A better life.

That better life needs Sunday off to unplug, no laptop, Facebook, instagram, twitter or blog. (If you are that way inclined you can follow my journey this way too ,just not on Sundays!)

Twitter: @_Hannahlilly


Instagram: @hannahlillybella


FB: Hannahlilly Fitness


All things I enjoy but Sundays will be no techno day (well maybe a bit of Come Dine with me on the T.V!!). Feeling excited about it.

Instead at the end of every Saturday blog I will post a favourite quote/poem from the week. This was sent to me in a message yesterday and I love it….

 “A frog decide to reach the top of a Tree.

All frogs shouted at him

“It’s impossible, it’s impossible…”

Still the frog reached the top…


Because he was DEAF

and he thought everyone was encouraging him to reach the top...

Be deaf to negative thoughts…if your aim is to reach your goal. “

I like that and I definitely know that keeping negativity out of my own thoughts has made a massive difference to my life since the 4th Feb, but I also know that today in the Park proved that often we can think that we are alone, that people don't care and then  you look around and thousands of people are there encouraging you to reach your goal.