Friday, 6 March 2015

Day 31. I cannot stop smiling and laughing today.

Day 31

Friday 6th March

This post is for Rhonda Byrne. I could say lots but I will just say thank you and if she ever reads this she’ll know why.

Cannot stop smiling and laughing today!!!!!

Had a very emotional afternoon yesterday, partly I think due to my first ever reiki experience which was quite amazing.

Had an emotional situation (me being emotional) that could have become negative but turned so positive, I will tell you about that tomorrow.

Right now I can barely type the words quick enough I just want to share this amazing feeling. I had a night of crazy dreams, I think again after the reiki and felt quite exhausted this morning, I got up wrote on my lists then got back into bed for 5 minutes, lay with my eyes closed and listened to the kids who were both in great spirits, singing as they got dressed. I felt how good it felt to be so calm, no anxiety, no worry just a flicker of excitement as today I collected the luminous Hannah Lilly Runclub bibs.

It felt great to take my clothes out of a tidy wardrobe, myself and Jessica gave the room a clear out yesterday afternoon, after such an emotional clear out it felt right to bring space into my room, particularly as I am now spending my mindful time in there each day and lucky enough to be getting a writing desk made by Christian’s talented Dad, it is my sanctuary.

I was smiling and singing in the kitchen, the kids now each write their own gratitude lists and I felt such a swell of pride and love for them both.

Went out to collect the bibs. Very special occasion for me to and wow am I grateful that people want to wear them, to Deaglan Campbell at Soup for the perfect branding, I could talk for hours about how grateful I am for that alone.

And it worked out I was able to pay for them, I didn’t stress out and things just worked out, same with the bus up to Dublin tomorrow it all worked out perfectly.

I could have spent the week thinking of all the things that could have gone wrong and wasted, missed so many positive moments.

I am grateful for how helpful and friendly the staff in the supermarket were last night, same in the restaurant where I collected our takeaway. Grateful that I am eating take aways without a second thought (pretty much!).

I am literally bursting with gratitude. To the kids amazing auntie who has them for tonight so I can leave early in the morning, driving to her house today couldn’t wait to see her and give her a hug.

This week I have really noticed a significant change, a deep change in me. It is as if everything, all the things that were buried deep deep down are gone. I woke up this morning feeling like it is a completely fresh slate.

Driving back in the car I was feeling so happy that I actually let out a whoop whoop scream. I was flicking between radio stations and landed on 2 FM, heard that there was a competition to win €10,000. Such an urge came over me to enter, I rarely do, but I pulled over text the answer and drove off. Then I got such an urge again to write out how I’d spend it so I pulled over again, here it is


€1000 charity

€1000 credit union

€1000 credit card

€1000 Christian

€1000 Family stuff

€4000 America

€500 Spree with Jess

€500 Rent

I know I probably seem like a lunatic, but it felt like I’d been told I had €10,000 so I posted the pic of my list on Facebook and Instagram.

Feeling abundant! Anyway have to be available for a call at 18.45pm tonight, phone will be on!!

Also had a nail appointment today it is my real treat to myself every month and I was going to cancel early in the week as I thought I might not have enough money, but instead I thought no something will turn up you deserve a treat and you know what it did.

So a wonderful afternoon chatting and getting sparkly nails, stopped on the way home at the office supplies and got a flip chart…40- A1 sheets as my gratitude and love lists have run out of space.
2015 White Audi A6 passed me twice "love frequency sign"

I’m going to post this now, apologies if there are grammatical errors I normally read through but I have a tin of tomato soup heating and I’m really looking forward to it.

I have to remind you that nothing external has changed in my life in this last 30 days.

I haven’t got more money, I haven’t lost weight, not a bigger house no material changes all I have done is focus on my feelings and keeping negativity out.

You only need to look back over the blogs to see where I was.

I heard this song yesterday and I really liked the words of the chorus

“I’m just trying to work out how to be like myself”

After a lot of years I have.

No stopping me now!

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