Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Day 28 of 182

Day 28

Tuesday 3rd March


 I love to think of the future and what is going to happen but, to quote Oprah Winfrey
"the only moment that we really know we have for sure is this one"
right now this second.
After 28 life changing days and experiences I had lot's I wanted to write today.
This afternoon Jess asked me would we be watching "Don't tell the Bride" together as is our usual routine on a Tuesday.
With a day that started later than usual my response had been,
"Well.....I don't know, probably not, I still need to blog..." and I went out.
All of a sudden I could hear myself and it reminded me of all the times I had said "No I have to go to the gym" to various requests from my kids.
Starting this experience on the 4th February was about setting myself free, living the absolute best life possible.
I didn't want to miss an opportunity to live life to write about it instead.
So for tonight it's, phone off. Laptop off. Don't tell the bride on.
I'll be back tomorrow. 154 days left.