Sunday, 8 February 2015

Day 2 of The Hannah Lilly Experiment

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Day 2

 Thursday February 5th 2015

Well I woke up feeling really good, fresh and happy. When brushing my teeth I didn’t keep my eyes down to avoid looking at myself a habit I’ve had for a while. Straight away filled in my gratitude and things I love list – Two A1 sheets stuck on my bedroom wall next to the vision board-had to stop myself from writing more than 6 felt I could have gone on and on.  

The kids were happy and the whole morning went by perfectly. I worked on the blog found it really therapeutic then took myself off to the gym. Totally on a roll even my lunch tasted better than usual and was so pretty that I posted it on Instagram… beetroot is a very attractive vegetable.

Nothing seemed as if it would be an obstacle to my positive mind set and it was only day 2.

The thing is it’s not always the obvious things that can send us down a negative path. We are faced with so many situations each day and with them a choice. Do we open the positive or negative door?

The day before on my on my walk to pay the car tax I had decided to get a new purse. It had been on my mind for a while. It’s mentioned in the Secret that if you would like something new to come into your life for e.g. a car you need to look after and appreciate the one you already have. If you want new clothes is there space in your wardrobe? The same with money, abundance can’t come to wallet/purse stuffed with rubbish. Guilty as charged…mine was full of receipts and had a broken zip. For a €2 bargain basket purchase maybe a year ago it had served me well. As I rarely shop for myself & part of this is the rule to be kind to myself  I ignored the little voice saying that this was  an extravagant decision decided that if I saw one I loved I’d treat myself. Nestled in amongst the browns, blacks and navy was a beautiful pale pink leather wallet and home it came.

Back to Day 2.

 Beginning to feel a little tired and hungry, emails to answer and grocery shopping to do I started to feel stressed out & rushed. I’d promised Jessica a quick look in the toyshop though so focused instead on being grateful that we could spend some time together.

In an (almost heated) discussion regarding the purchase of a Monster High Doll, she hasn’t quite enough saved but will do when she gets her pocket money. I’m trying the firm but fair “No you have to wait” and she is not impressed coming up with all sorts of arrangements and deals that would enable her to leave with the “Catty Noir” today. Firm but fair came out on top with an agreement to forward the pocket money buy the doll but leave it in the shop for her to collect on Saturday.  Result.

At the till I go to take out my debit card it’s stuck, not a little stuck but totally jammed. It’s in that clear plastic slot so I can see it but it will not budge. There is a queue behind me. Annoyance begins to rise. I am so frustrated & want to lose my temper but thinking of my rules #5Be aware of negativity in my thoughts and conversations I brought it back to gratitude. I had enough cash to pay and wasn’t that something to be grateful for. 

Grocery shopping passed just fine.

Walking back to the car though tiredness and hunger were really setting in and I admit I was irritable and a headache was starting down one side of my face. Jessica was talking a mile a minute and my feel good frequency was definitely waning.

 I literally stopped myself in the middle of the car park and took a deep breath.

Staring at Jess (who looked at me like I was bonkers) I thought about how much I loved her nothing else just that and in an instant the headache and hunger were replaced with the strongest feeling of love.

It might sound crazy a bit hippy dippy but it’s the truth.

We always have a choice no matter how big or small the negative situation may seem.

It’s your feelings that are summing up your overall frequency and telling you what you are creating in this moment. So how are you feeling right now? Could you feel better? Well then, do what it takes right now to feel better.” The Secret Daily Teachings by Rhonda Byrne. 
Oh  and with the help of patience a half hour and 2 pairs of tweezers the debit card escaped and will be replaced by a photo of my family!!

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