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Post 11 of 182 Rule #5 Positivity

Day 8

Wednesday 11th Feb

Ok firstly, yesterday’s story has more to come but with 170 days & posts left on this journey so plenty of time. My intention now for the next few posts is to explain the rest of the rules one each day then aim to be on track so we are on the same day together.

I re read yesterday’s post after I put it up and thought maybe parts of it were a little gushy “being flooded with love for my life….”for example!

The thing is because I’m writing and posting as the stuff is happening there is a chance that maybe sometimes it will seem a little over the top with positivity but it is how I am feeling at the time. Yesterday remembering, that day I was flooded with love. For fun I just this second checked the thesaurus for options other than flooded (Am I a writer now? Do they check thesaurus’s for fun? Perhaps writers don’t need them!!) Very water based “swamped, water-logged, drowned or engulfed). I’m happy with my choice.

At first I was spending a long time (like hours and hours) reading and re reading but now I’m relaxing a little. At least one post a day is going to happen for certain and if I spend too long editing it won’t, also I work and I have a family. I want this blog to be the best it can I’m posting it because I would love if it can benefit people too. This is also about me living my best life and ignoring my children to spend all day editing grammar wouldn’t be the best life for anyone.

It’s now 7.30am having sat down at the laptop at 5.45am  a late start compared to yesterday which began at 4am but one that will I think stay as part of my routine. Tea in my favourite mug and typing in the silence of a sleeping house is now something for the “things I love and gratitude list.”

To live in a world where you couldn’t be thought of as too positive would be wonderful. But if I’m not everyone’s cup of tea that’s ok. Trying to eliminate negativity is the best thing for me and everyone in my life each day. No better reason than that

Bringing me to today’s blog subject

Rule #5

Think positively. Do my very best each day to find the positive in all things. Be aware of negativity in my thoughts and conversations.

Yesterday morning I jumped, danced and sang my way around the house with the kids, we laughed and laughed and it felt so good. I’m not feeling different now because of external changes, I haven’t got more money than when I started this experience, it’s not warmer outside, I haven’t bought a new car, I’m not working less in fact I’m working more the difference is I’ve made the conscious choice to choose positivity at every opportunity and the results are spectacular. The structure of the rules has made it even more so, when presented with a situation that is or has the possibility of turning negative I work on changing it.

An example one evening during the week a friend brought up in conversation someone who had in her opinion (and mine once) “wronged” me a long time ago, it was clear that the route for this conversation was bitchiness, sometimes negativity can come out of people thinking they are supporting you. She cares for me greatly and was showing this by her dislike for this person.

Before I maybe would have stood and listened but I simply said “I’m just going to stop you there, it’s all in the past and I have nothing but love and best wishes for everyone involved.”

I don’t mind if you think I’m too gushy, standing and bitching would have made me feel rubbish, it would have had no effect on the person being bitched about and I genuinely harbour no bad feelings towards them now anyway. The situation at the time had been dreadful and then I would never have expected that I could feel love towards them, it took a little time, months but it did happen. Another thing that the more you practice will come quicker.

The past is the past and for me unless they are happy memories I stop remembering, going over past negative incidents brings no benefit to my life whatsoever. All I have for sure is now and I’m grateful for every single incident in my 35 years that has lead me to this moment.

This belief was confirmed for me when I sat down on Tuesday to write my post about being kind to my reflection. Although I don’t want to trawl through the past too much, it is important to me that you know that I have experienced some rough times.

Although this is my journey by blogging and inviting you on it with me I hope that if someone reading this is in a bad place it might help to hear that these times can pass, that they will, that there is the other side. At my lowest hearing that someone had experienced similar and out the other side gave me the strength to just hang on in there.

If I let you think my life had only been sweetness & light I don’t think you or anyone would have made it past blog 1.

 Tuesday had been a great day and as I sat down to write was in a brilliant mood. Afterwards having spent time thinking and writing about how bad I had been feeling before I didn’t feel good at all.

Having felt that it was all going so well it was a blow and I felt quite sad. Rule #5 states try my best to find the positive. So I tried, I had a bath went to bed early and I found it. It was the proof that focusing on the negative always lowers my mood, exactly the point I knew I hoped to get across in the post about Rule #5.

People ask me a lot, yes but what if everyone around you is being negative, what do you do?

Well firstly I remember that other people’s behaviour is always because of how they are feeling it is not a reflection of me, I can’t control a negative person or situation but I can control how I react  and most importantly how I feel about it. If I stay angry and negative that only leads to more of the same but I can turn it around by changing how I feel.

I was hoping to quote Rhonda Byrne here as there is a great explanation in the Power and a quote that sums it up but I can’t quite remember it. I don’t have the book with me only the cd so I will do my best to answer in my own words.

Everyone has different moods happy, sad, angry and frustrated. You know those days when you come home feeling brilliant and then you can just sense that others in the house are maybe in a bit of a mood and it lowers yours, you get irritated and feel that it is their fault for ruining your good day?

Bring it back, sometimes you might need to take a moment and step away. I will think about all the things I love about the person and the frustration and anger will just fade. If it is a situation with a person you cannot feel love for step away and think of anything that you do love and the end result will be the same.

Maybe it will be listening to music, adding to your gratitude list, getting outside but it all comes back to love. If you are feeling love you can’t feel negativity because love is the opposite of negativity.

Too gushy? I don’t mind at all, I am excited, I feel like a magnet for happiness. I can’t wait for all that is now and all that is to come.

There is nothing like feeling so happy to be alive when you have at some stage wished that you weren’t.” said by me to Christian yesterday morning.

It is focusing on love and gratitude that has given me that feeling.


It's now 19.30 ...something amazing happened today the Law of Attraction in action and I had to tell you!

This post was ready this morning but I decided for some reason to post it tonight.
The quote I couldn't remember this morning even typing “hot coal power quote” in the google search bar.  2 hours later just before runclub I'm scrolling through my Facebook page and there it is the very one I had been wracking my brains for posted by the Secret this morning. Here it is.

Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” Buddha






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