Friday, 13 February 2015

Law of Attraction... Part 2

Law of Attraction Continued...

It was a Wednesday, 14th January I know this because I was to teach my first class back that evening to ease myself back as quietly as possible to work. A new Beginners Runclub had started the Saturday before and the Progress group on the Sunday where I had experienced a change in my mind set feeling content for the first time in a long time maybe  the first time ever with the life I was already living.

My plan for the day was to take it easy.Dad was coming up I wanted to treat him to lunch and talk over the experiment/experience and the rules that I was planning.  Anxiety was present thinking about the class and didn’t want to put myself under too much pressure.

I woke to a message from a previous member of runclub saying that her friend was a journalist and was doing a story about people who had read books that had changed their lives, she had been at my talk last year and had immediately thought of me, would I be interested in talking to her?

Feeling apprehensive  and unsure had the article been about anything else I don’t think I would have agreed. But it seemed like a sign, the minute I had started thinking again about The Secret and bringing its philosophies back into my life through my 10 daily rules someone else brings it up. This felt like the Law of Attraction in action.

Doing something I hadn’t in a good while I planned my day in advance, before I left the house I said “this will be an amazing day, I will have a really nice lunch with my Dad and good things will happen.”

I was at the gym when the journalist rang and I Explained what had happened to me last August when I read the Secret.
 (Introduction post in archives tells this story if you have only come across this blog today).

As I told her I could feel the excitement coming back, remembering how good it had felt, in fact she had to ask me to slow down. Telling her also that I had struggled since then too that it wasn’t a case of “I read this and never had a worry again” if that is the type of story they wanted. But that the difficult times had led me to where I was now and my plans to experiment on myself for the next 6 months by following the principles daily and documenting the process.

She said it was perfect, could they get a photo of me reading the book today? A photo? No thank you.

 I definitely wasn’t feeling confident enough to have a photo taken today. I explained that I had passed the Secret on to a friend in need so didn’t have a copy. She was persistent but we settled on me perhaps emailing an old photo.
 I was buzzing, imagining maybe they would talk about my blog, maybe even print a bit of it sometime.  Who knows? At that stage I had no website or platform to blog from. A deposit had been paid for the previous planned website but I presumed that as I had gone back on my contract it was all used and if anything I was worried that perhaps I owed money.

Over lunch with my Dad I said perhaps the story might not even print but that it felt good to have this feeling back to me and proof that even when times are really hard we never know what lies around the corner.

Next thing my phone rings. It’s a photographer, he’s 40 minutes away and needs to take my photo with the book for the paper  they want it within the hour, can he meet me at home?

Caught completely off guard I tell him I’m having lunch in Red Earth maybe he could take the picture there? But I don’t have the book.

He will buy it on the way.

He arrives like a whirlwind under the pressure of a deadline. He’s never heard of the Secret, I suggest that he reads the copy he’s purchased for the photo. It all feels rather surreal like a dream and then he’s gone.

My Dad says he feels proud to have been there for this. He’s always proud.

Then back to reality I have my class that night but now the anxiety and nerves have gone instead I'm looking forward to telling everyone about my day.

There is a storm brewing that night, wind howling and rain pouring, the class is on late but people keep arriving, some that I haven’t seen in maybe 6 months when I last stopped teaching classes but have come back. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and reminded again how lucky I am to be able to call this work.

It is good to be back.

I get a call from the journalist saying it will definitely be in tomorrow’s paper but that she only wrote my piece and doesn’t know the content of the main article.

Perhaps I say to Christian we should prepare ourselves for a feature making fun of people who read these books, but I’m back on the right path and even as I say it I don’t believe it. I know now 100% that my idea for the next 6 months was the right one.

So this was me easing quietly back into work first week and I’m going to have my picture in a National newspaper probably only a passport size in the corner somewhere but a picture none the less.

After I dropped the kids to school the next morning I headed straight into to buy the paper. Page 34 there it is. I can’t believe my eyes. Passport size it is not. Double page spread  me holding the Secret, the write up is perfect and true to what I had said but the most amazing thing for me is that underneath is a picture of not one but two people that I admire hugely.

Rhonda Byrne & Oprah Winfrey.

I can’t believe my eyes. When I was younger I would watch the Oprah Winfrey show and imagine sitting opposite her being interviewed and Rhonda Byrne whose book means as you’ve probably gathered by now a great deal to me.

Both I consider to be an inspiration and role model.

To say I was feeling grateful is an understatement. I could physically feel gratitude filling me from top to toe like the feeling you get stepping out into the sunshine.

I was flooded with love for my life and that was only the Beginning.


Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.” Martin Luther King


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